An open letter to martyr’s daughter Gurmehar Kaur…BTW, “We did not write this letter, our pen did”!

Dear Gurmehar Kaur,

Girl, you are here, there, everywhere on Social Media! Happy? You must be on the seventh heaven! The video you shared on Social Media was meant to reach places, and it did! Your message has arisen many questions in my mind. Mind discussing it? Let me clarify first that I respect your ‘freedom of speech’. Mind if I use my share of FoS? Let’s begin!

It’s really unfortunate that you spent a fatherless life since the age of two. But it was a blessing in disguise that you were too small to understand the huge loss! And then you grew up a little to become a vengeful six year old rebellion on a look out to stab the Pakistani enemy! This is the age children absorb things from the surroundings. So, think and tell me, who filled you with the feeling of vengeance? Who was so angry in your house with Pakistanis? Someone must have told you stories about India, Pakistan, Hindus, Muslims and War! And that ‘someone’ must be a very close and influential one, to be able to imbibe such a strong hatred in you for Pakistanis. And hence, your Mother’s advice (that you flaunted on a placard and made it your profile photo) just doesn’t sink in! Come on, tell us the truth. Who made a small 6 years old innocent child so vengeful?

Now, let’s discuss your mother’s advice which turned all the MSM and SM attention glare on you. “Pakistan did not kill my dad, war killed him.” As you chose to use your photo with this particular placard as your profile photo, we can presume that this must be your opinion. Fair enough. Do you know why you are receiving outpouring love from Barkha and her sorts? Beating around the bush when it comes to blame Pakistan is the specialty of these Pakistan Apologists.  It was the war of course in which your dad was martyred. You know, I’m uncomfortable using the word ‘killed’ for a martyred soldier. Now, sorry for diverting here, but have you watched the bollywood movie ‘Taare zameen par’? Remember, the father of Ishaan, a dyslexic child complains about Ishaan’s aversion to studies and the teacher tells the father, “ you are telling me about the symptoms, not cause of the problem of your son. I know, the child has fever, but why does he have fever?”  My dear girl, WAR WAS A SYMPTOM. CAUSE WAS PAKISTAN. How intelligent is it to blame a symptom and not the root-cause?

Now, don’t get angry with me for naming Pakistan as a ‘Cause’! Let me elaborate on why Pakistan is the cause of your father’s martyrdom. Here is a Wikipedia Page on Kargil War, although the records have now shown that your father wasn’t martyed in Kargil war but he died fighting terrorists in the Kupwara in Jammu & kashmir, August 1999!

You falsely claimed that your dad was martyred in Kargil either because your ignorant left ideologists did not care to check the facts or you just wanted to use kargil to gain sympathy and attention. It is indeed sad that you don’t even know why and where your father was martyred and you speak about a soldier. I do not differentiate between a soldier who was martyred during Kargil or anywhere else, a sacrifice is sacrifice!

Since you racked up Kargil without studying background, it makes me believe that you have no idea about kargil or your father or any Indian soldier!

I’m not calling Pakistan as cause of the war, Wiki does so.

“The cause of the war was the infiltration of Pakistani soldiers and Kashmiri militants into positions on the Indian side of the LOC, which serves as the de facto border between the two states. During the initial stages of the war, Pakistan blamed the fighting entirely on independent Kashmiri insurgents, but documents left behind by casualties and later statements by Pakistan’s Prime Minister and Chief of Army Staff showed involvement of Pakistani paramilitary forces,led by General Ashraf Rashid. The Indian Army, later supported by the Indian Air Force, recaptured a majority of the positions on the Indian side of the LOC infiltrated by the Pakistani troops and militants. Facing international diplomatic opposition, the Pakistani forces withdrew from the remaining Indian positions along the LOC.”

So, that’s it! India and Pakistan didn’t play ‘War-War’ like they play cricket match. So, you can’t blame the war. Understand the events that LED to the war. India didn’t infiltrate into Pakistan in the greed to capture land. Pakistan did so. And thanks to your father and all our army men, we drove the enemy out of OUR land and recaptured Kargil. If your father had survived the war, he would have told you, “ Gurmehar beta, who can understand better than army men how horrendous wars are! But what else could we do? Should we have offered them Kargil on a silver platter? Should we have allowed them to grab our Kashmir?” So, my intelligent girl, do you have any answer to this?

Gurmehar, you are an educated girl with political affiliations. You are an ardent supporter of AAP. You are up against ABVP. You are insolent towards ‘Nationalist Hindus’. You are the current favorite of NDTV which has viewership only in Pakistan. You are getting cheer, support and sympathy from AAP, Congress and CPI (M) politicians and Paid Media journalists like Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghosh, Shekhar Gupta  and Kavita Krishnan.

And looking at your timeline, you are having a jolly time by all the attention from such crowd. Gurmehar, Social Media is a powerful medium. Indians minus anti-nationals loathe this crowd. Now, no points for guessing as to why India stands against you, as you are cherished by this infamous nexus! You have chosen your side, dear!  Expect success, money, position and all….just don’t expect to get loved by Indians. I guess a practical girl like you won’t give a damn to the feelings of Indians.

Check this tweet of your…it’s the misfortune of India that so called “BRAVE”young girls like you can’t openly and boldly thrash Umar Khalid’s anti-national ideology!

Your argument on ‘why can’t India and Pakistan let bygones be bygones and become friends’ sounds like an excerpt from a child’s essay!  You need to do a lot of reading before just blaming the leaders of both the nations for this mess. And, didn’t you all AAP supporters ridicule PM Modi for his efforts to break the ice with Pakistani Leadership? Remember all those ‘Biryani’ comments?

Your response to a motherly advice from a lady was uncalled for.

You are not yet a mother, Gurmehar. If your son ever uttered something bad, you as a mother would be the first person to reprimand him. And if you encourage the child’s foul-mouthing as his FoS, the society will surely intervene intolerantly. Don’t take Indians for granted.

I’ll conclude my open letter here with the thought ….The stone pelters hired by Separatists, for whom you are advocating compassion, may have hurled a stone or two on your father too, while in Kashmir. And  the slogans by ‘Students’ that you are fighting for as their FoS must have fallen on your father’s ears too…..only they must have come from the enemy across the border!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi


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