An open letter to Rahul Gandhi on behalf of Karnataka farmers!

Respected Rahul Gandhi ji,

I am writing you behalf of all poor, disappointed, needy farmers of Karnataka State, who trusted you in 2013 election and gave you another opportunity to serve us.

Firstly I want to congratulate you and appreciate you for the initiative and enthusiasm you showed in the farmer protests in Madhya Pradesh. Yes, No doubt at all, you were emerged as so powerful, energetic, awesome leader. The way you faced police, fought against them, broke the barricades, travelled in bike without helmet just to meet and listen the problems of farmer’s family. Your heart melted for those poor families and you became college boy just like a Bollywood heroes. Really your energy was extraordinary.

But Rahul ji, I have one question… Your heart melted for the farmers of Madasar, Madhya Pradesh which is under BJP government, why doesn’t it beat for us (Karnataka state) it is running by your (Congress) government. And you blamed BJP Government for not allowing you to reach farmers since you are not from RSS.  We never stopped you from helping us and listen to our problems. You are always welcome to our State. Here there are no barricades, permission from BJP government, RSS people who stop you from meet our farmers. You have complete freedom, power and rights to solve the problems. Why couldn’t you do it?

Do you at least have the information on what is going on in Karnataka state? What are the major problems we farmers facing here? How many farmers ended their lives for the sake of loan they took for agricultural need? How many farmers’ families struggling to get a day meal? How many farmers’ children left the education and joined as child worker? Question mark continues… But the answer is big NO.

In Karnataka, 2-4 farmers kill themselves every day!? And this is only a conservative figure coming from the government. If one goes by the figures provided by farmers’ associations, the number would increase to 6-7 suicides per day.

According Agriculture Department statistics, 1,002 farmers have ended their lives from April 1, 2015 to January 11, 2016. With this, Karnataka has broken all previous records as far as farmer suicides are concerned. This disaster continued in 2017 also, which has already seen 848 suicides in 2016-17, until February.

Mandya, Mysuru, Haveri, Belagavi, Bidar, Shivamogga, Tumkur, Gadag, Dharwad and Davangere districts have recorded the highest number of farmer suicides since April, 2015.

See Rahul Ji, this is a little information I have given you, If you want to know more ask our young politician Ramya Madam, she would be having more data on this, as she always come and listen to the problems of farmers in Mandya and we explained everything to her hoping that she will approach you with our problems. But we do not know whether she explained it to you or forgot as usual.

You know Rahul Ji, whenever farmers ask for loan waiver, our Chief Minister Siddaramaiha will be ready with the answer, “Let the Central do the 50% and I will do another 50%”. Mr.Rahul Ji, now you tell me the truth, why our government has to depend on PM Narendra Modi to take action. While giving assurance during election Congress never quoted BJP in between and said we will give better government… Instead of blaming central why dont you take the initiative. However you are more concerned on farmers and can do anything to reach them whenever they are in problems (Ex: MP farmers incident) and I know you never ignore it. Here you do not have to do stunt, drama, action etc to solve the problems.

Rahul Ji, let me remind your statement in MP which you gave aggressively on Narendra Modi, “can’t give the right rates for farmers’ agriculture produce, can’t give them bonus, can’t give them compensation… He can only give them bullets.”

Now just point your finger towards you and ask the same question, what have you given us? Why can’t you give all those things which Modi couldn’t give?

Rahul Ji, When you are only concerned about farmers from the state running by BJP and you feel they are suffering, disappointed since Modi is focusing on richest people, what do you think, Are we (farmers) earning in dollars under Congress government?

Well Rahul ji, Let him (Narendra Nodi) not take any actions on our problems; you are the person whom we trusted 4 years back. People say, Modi is brightening India’s image. Atleast you bring brightness in the eyes of Farmers of Karnataka.

Rahul Ji, my letter might be harsh but it is the real voice of farmers not the writer. We do not know any political drama, what we know is only agriculture, it is our duty and we worship this. We never think who is going to consume the food we have grown? Whether it is Congress or BJP, so stop misusing our innocence and patience.

Behalf of all Farmers Karnataka State

Anusha B Shetty.