An Open Letter to Taimur’s Mom, Kareena Kapoor Khan!

Dear Kareena,

Hearty Congratulations on your Precious Bundle of Joy! May your son be blessed with all the health and happiness in the world! Wishes from heart to heart, mother to mother! After all, a mom is a mom, Celebrity or not!

Social Media is abuzz since your newly born son’s name was disclosed by your friend Karan Johar. Taimur Ali khan Pataudi! Indians are aghast at your choice of name for your son and have registered their disapproval on Social Media.  The gang of Pseudo-liberals have supported your choice….the same gang who support Yakubs, Afzals and Kanhaiyyas. You just made their day! I belong to the first category. Now, don’t tag me with the label of ‘Intolerant’! Bollywood is the last place that should spell ‘Intolerance’, with all the Khans breathing prosperity! And didn’t your Mom-in-law Sharmila Tagore have an envious career even after she became Ayesha Begum ?

I took a long time to become your fan. It was your role from the movie ‘Three Idiots’ that finally got me hooked! Pia who always listened to her heart and spoke her mind! Well, the scriptwriter shaped your role beautifully! When I read somewhere that you wouldn’t be converting to Islam after your marriage to the Muslim Actor, I saw a glimpse of Pia in you! Prior to this, none of Pataudi bahus was allowed this liberty.  But then you started loving the title of ‘Begum of Pataudi’ after marriage. Well, anything is fair in love and war!

Your ‘liberal’ husband, Saif Ali Khan had once professed in his open letter about the Secular Law of Special Marriage Act of 1954 which allows women to continue with their original Religious Faith irrespective of entering into Inter-religion Marriage. All said and done, the actions of Nawabs of Pataudi have spoken noisier than words! Your late Father-in-law Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi  was  an Oxford educated . And yet when he married your Hindu Mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore  in 1969, he  got her converted to Islam and named her ‘Ayesha Begum’! Your husband too had got his first wife Amrita Singh converted to Islam in spite of purporting about Special Marriage Act!

Let’s move on. Your Celebrity pregnancy was always in news. Your glamorous photos proudly showing off your baby bump made rounds on Social Media. So, you and your husband can’t blame us Indians for abhorring ‘Love Jihad’.  You also gave us the hint of naming your baby after a Historical figure as Saif Ali Khan is a History lover. Now, this clears him out. No back door justification for him saying he didn’t know the history of Taimur, a barbaric invader who killed lakhs of Hindus, raped their wives and demolished their temples! A Mass murderer who killed his parents! Now it’s clear that Saif Ali Khan named his son after an enemy of India out of his Islamist adamancy. What about you?

This is your first baby, but for Saif, he is the third. This is your first son and his second! Did you have a say in naming your son? Isn’t it an injustice to your son who will have to carry such a horrendous name throughout his life? Did you try to Google search about Taimur after his name was short listed? Do you know that Taimur is a common name in Pakistan due to its Anti-Hindu roots? Did you know that Pakistan has named their Missile after Taimur due to their hatred for India? If yes, then that clears you too! A link to Taimur’s savagery for your benefit:

How Does it Sound to Call Your Kid HITLER?? Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Name Their Kid ‘TAIMUR’…Know Who Was He!!

I would like to give you a benefit of doubt. I sincerely hope that this beastly decision of naming your son Taimur is retracted soon! After all, the actions of Celebrities influence more in India! Your glorification of an Islamist villain will give rise to more Radicalization of misguided Muslim youths. India has given you name, fame, money and what not! Its time you pay back to your Country by reversing the vice without feeling embarrassed. We Indians will applaud and appreciate this gesture. You may say its none of our business to bother about your son or family….But the country believes, Taimur is to India, what Hitler is to Israel!!!

Thank you! Wish you a happy motherhood!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi