An open letter to the ‘World’ by India! Subject- Kashmir’s fake insurgency with real ISIS flags!!

Dear World,

Namaste! This is India. Today let’s talk about our Kashmir Issue. The bush around which you have been beating from last 70 years has grown into a big tree now! So, just save yourself from this unnecessary trouble and talk like man to man on the crux of the matter!

Our neighbor Pakistan calls it ‘India occupied Kashmir’. They rant non-stop at all international forums about the ‘Human Rights Violations’ and ‘The Freedom Struggle’ in Kashmir. They try to instigate you to enforce a resolution for holding a Plebiscite in Kashmir. For four times, (1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999) they have initiated Wars against us for capturing Kashmir. All in all, they are frustratingly desperate on snatching Kashmir from us as if their life depends on it.

Now, who among you is gullible to believe these fabricated lies of our pervert neighbor?  For some, playing gullible is a matter of convenience!Pakistan is a pet dog of our envious neighbors like China, trained to disturb us with its non-stop barking. Anyways, here is our side of the story in case you have been truly misled by their propaganda.

Point No 1– Kashmir is not ‘Occupied’ by India. Kashmir is an integral Part of India. It is run by a Democratically Elected Government. Understand the strength of our people of Kashmir, dear World! In spite of the Separatists threatening them to boycott voting, 65.23% of the people of J&K bravely exercised their voting right in 2014. Now, isn’t it an insult to Democracy to call it ‘India Occupied Kashmir’?

Point No 2– Let’s discuss ‘The Yawn-Yawn story of the Freedom Struggle’ of Kashmir. J&K CM, Mehbooba Mufti once spoke about the well-known ground reality of J&K – Only 5% of J&K people want ‘Freedom’ while 95% of them are Patriotic Indians.Again, most of these meager 5% ‘Freedom Fighters are actually ‘salaried Professionals’ whose nature of work consists of pelting stones at the Indian army, chant Pakistani slogans and wave ISIS flags! Stop their remuneration and they will forget the spelling of ‘Freedom’!

Point No 3-The leaders of ‘All Parties Hurriyat Conference’ and other Separatist Organizations are our precious bunch of Attention seekers. These Separatist jokers claim to fight for ‘Freedom’ while they themselves are neck-deep into the slavery of Pakistan. These pawns of Pakistan are well funded from the underworld money through the Hawala Channels of Pakistan. While their own children are well settled in abroad countries, they lure our youth of Kashmir to perform a risky job of stone pelting for a few bucks. Their money power enables their feeble noise to be heard with the loud-speakers of the paid media.  Irony, the fourth pillar of Democracy, the Media has stifled the voice of 95% Kashmiris for the inaudible noise of 5% ‘Hired Freedom Fighters’!

Point No 4ISIS! Dear World, this is beyond us! Can you counsel us on why the ‘Freedom Fighters’ of Kashmir wave ISIS Flags after their Friday prayers?  The ‘Paid Guerrillas’ of Kashmir mask their ashamed faces when they flaunt ISIS Flags and chant Pakistani Slogans in Kashmir. These ominous ISIS Flags in Kashmir make us anxious not just for the sake of our misguided youth but also for our own survival!  Hey World, convince us, if this ISIS, the biggest menace to the World peace and Human Rights is a good company for our Kashmiri Youth. As far as we understand, ISIS is a Terror Factory which has given ‘Freedom from Life’ to the Millions of humans across the globe.  Check this link-


Well, Dear World, take our word! This Orchestrated ‘Freedom Struggle’ of the ‘Paid Insurgents’ isstaged by Separatists, who are the pawns of Pakistan, who in turn are the puppets of ISIS! Now you understand why 95% of Kashmiris are clinging to the democracy of India? ISIS doesn’t have a good reputation as rulers, does it?

Point No 5– Dear World, don’t fall prey to the ranting and raving of our Neighbor over ‘Plebiscite’ either! They are actually thankful that the Plebiscite in Kashmir is technically impossible due to their past sins- disobeying the orders of the UN to retrieve their troops from PoK in 1947.

Point No 6– Hey World, history is the witness to the greed of Islamists to conquer more and more lands. Our neighbor, like a true Islamist has grabbed PoK, Balochistan and eying our Kashmir too. We believe only in protecting our boundaries. Well, PoK was a gift to Pakistan by our dumbest Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. But as far as the wars between us are concerned, we have made them bite the dust in all the four wars.

It’s not a tough task for us to arrest those Paid Commandos with ISIS Flags in Kashmir. If we do so, imagine the deafening rant of our Paid journos like (Hafiz ki)Barkha and NDTV over the murder of Freedom of Expression!  But only Pakistantakes our Paid Media seriously. They have lost their credibility elsewhere.

So, dear World, don’t ever judge us over the fake narration of Kashmir freedom struggle.  Those who judge us need to explain those ISIS flags first!

Yours Sincerely,


Jyothi Suparna Chincholi