Opinion Poll reveals NDA will retain power by winning over 300 Seats! This proves Modi Wave is intact

Few months back, the victory of Congress & JDS alliance in Karnataka and SP & BSP Gathbandhan in Phulpur & Gorakhpur seats raised many eyebrows on the victory of BJP in upcoming Loksabha polls 2019. The victories gave the opposition hope to unite together to defeat the BJP. Many political pundits too started that predicting that this will affect the Modi wave in 2019 and it will be difficult for BJP to come to power again

But ripping all of them apart Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again proved that this is not going to happen. He will serve as “Pradhansewak” of India once again in 2019.

The current trend released by ABP based on the opinion poll carried by them predicts NDA will win again in 2019.Out of the 543 LokSabha seats NDA would retain power in 329 seats, the Congress led UPA may win 116 seats whereas the other parties are likely to fetch 127 seats

In the terms of vote share it is predicted that NDA would secure 38 per cent votes, where the UPA may get 26 per cent while other parties will secure 36 percent of the total votes.

The survey indicated that the results in states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar will play an important role in overall result of the LokSabha Election 2019. The survey hinted that if SP- BSP Gathbandhan doesn’t happen owing to cracks emerging in the Mahagathbandhan then no one can stop NDA from coming to power. However if this Gathbandhan takes place it can affect the party to some extent but sill the party will easily make a breakthrough
According to survey if no alliance is formed between SP and BSP in Uttar Pradesh, the NDA is likely to win 70 out of 80 Lok Sabha seats in the state, The UPA is projected to bag just two seats whereas the SP and BSP are predicted to win four seats each in the Hindi heartland.

And if BSP and SP shake hands with each other then NDA seats will be reduced to 31 seats whereas the BSP and SP will bag 44 seats and UPA will be able to get hold on 5 seats in the state.In the state of Bihar, the NDA is projected to get 34, UPA to bag six seats out of 40 parliamentary seats. Out of 25 Lok Sabha seats in Rajasthan, the BJP is projected to win 17 while the Congress may only get 8.

In the southern belt comprising states of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu, regional parties are projected to win 75 seats, UPA to get 34 while the NDA is predicted to win just 20. In Odisha, the BJP may win 12 seats, whereas the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) is projected to fetch six seats. Congress may get only three seats, said the opinion poll.

In Maharashtra, out of 48 seats, victory for BJP is projected on 23 seats if no alliance is formed between BJP and Shiv Sena and Congress and NCP, the Congress is slated to win 14 seats, the Shiv Sena 5 and the NCP 6. However, if the alliances are formed, the NDA may win 28 seats while 20 may go to the UPA.

Source : Latestly