Ten Point One: Irom Sharmila May Be A Threat To Our Nation As Manipur CM

# 1. “There is no democracy in Manipur. I want to be Chief Minister of Manipur and make positive changes,”…

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Rape videos being sold starting from Rs Fifty: Where are we heading?

India which is known for its tradition of respecting women more than anywhere in the world, today seems to have lost…

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Are you a true devotee of God ?

When we are devoted to God, many times some questions arise in our minds, such as “Who is a devotee…

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SECULARISM OR SUICIDE: The Changing Indian Narrative Which The Media is Conveniently Hiding From You

I just remember Modi Ji’s election speech in 2014, “The poor Muslims have to fight against poverty, the poor Hindus…

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A Lesson for Aamir and ilk To Remember!

Last week defence minister was under attack by a bunch of pseudo liberals and secular parties for his comment “India…

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Is it a slip of tongue or Salman”™s dhang?

This is not for the first time that Salman Khan has landed himself in a controversy. Actually, he is used to it.…

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It”™s time our leaders stop showering goodness and lenience!

Modiji, stop being lenient to Pakistan This isn”™t working. It never worked in the past, nor will it work in…

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The Secret of Vipassana

Politics has introduced many unconventional words into daily life, the very new word trending in the world of politics is…

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Perform or Perish: Following this mantra 900 govt employees were sacked in 2015!

Modi Sarkar is all about performance and corruption free execution and the govt officials responsible for execution are learning it…

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Being a VIP son is more important than being a Soldier!

Karnataka on 1st August witnessed two different tragic events. But somehow all the focus was on one event. Yes, the…

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In a sudden and unfortunate development, the CM of Karnataka Mr Siddaramaiah lost his elder son Mr. Rakesh Siddaramaiah following…

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