The Opposition May Call the Year 2016….’The Blame Modi Yojana Year’!

As we near the end of 2016, I feel it was a very eventful year. Who am i? I am a useless Twitterati. I get my usual dose of emotional upheavals, laughter sessions, intrigue, suspense, gossip and much more through Twitter. Of course the ‘Treat of the Year’ Award must go to RaGa or at least to the person who hacked his account. But this year was more than ever, the ‘BLAME MODI’ Year.

There is no doubt in my mind that while the whole of the opposition thinks PM Narendra Modi to be a Villain, the rest of India (or at least most of it) thinks that he is a good PM. To convert the mindset of the ‘poor’, ‘misled’ Indians, our Opposition Parties along with their Friendly Media, and paid twitteratis, worked round the clock to prove that Modi ji was to be blamed for all the ills of the Nation. Sample this:

  • When ex-Serviceman Ram Kishan Grewal commits suicide, it is Modi ji’s fault. Rahul Gandhi & Arvind Kejriwal went overboard screaming that it was an OROP related suicide. They even claimed that Statistics to show that most military personnel were happy with OROP were plain ‘fake’ … Jai Jawan!
  • That wasn’t enough. They insisted on protesting & when they were taken to jail, they blamed Modiji for having them arrested. RaGa was found getting confused and asking the available policeman about whether the father died or the son & the policeman in question could have got the ‘Most Straight-face’ Award … Delhi Police Zindabad !
  • When Najeeb, a student of JNU wandered off, obviously Modiji was to be blamed. In fact, AK gave a rousing speech at JNU, blaming the Government for all the problems. But when another student committed suicide there, it was not Modiji’s fault. Nobody was at fault. Only God knows why… Vidyaarthigan – Ayushman Bhava !
  • Modi ji announced that he would deal with Gou-Raksha vigilantes very strictly. Guess what happened – he was blamed for Gou-Raksha Vigilantism on one side & for not protecting true Gou-Bhakts on the other. The Congress miscreants at Una were forgotten… Jai Gou Mata!
  • When AK was named in a Corruption complaint, obviously it was Modiji who was at fault. In 70 years of Independence, which party has so many of its MLAs going to jail in such a short time, for corruption, molestation, cheating, riots and what not? … Satyameva Jayate !!!
  • An actor Kapil Sharma was so carried away by AK and RaGa’s tactics of blaming Modi ji for everything, that he took it upon himself to blame PM Modi for being forced to bribe an officer of BMC for an illegal extension to his house. What????
  • Films have no connection to reality or do they? When Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was facing a problem during its release, the produced bribed a politician of a regional party for its smooth release & guess who took the blame for growing Intolerance? Of course, Narendra Modi ji !
  • Raghuram Rajan, the previous Governor of RBI decided to put in his papers & go back abroad. According to sources, this was not a personal decision – it was because Modi ji troubled him so much that he decided to run away for some peace & quiet… Modi, the Menace!
  • In July, our ‘friendly neighbour hood country’ President Nawaz Shariff also took a leaf from AK and RaGa’s book and blamed PM Narendra Modi for the Jammu & Kashmir crisis.
  • When Pakistani terrorists struck at Uri & martyred our soldiers, you would have thought that at least then our opposition parties would take a break from blaming Modi ji. NO … They blamed him for trying to sincerely normalize relations with Pakistan by extending a hand of friendship to Nawaz Shariff.
  • Then when Modi ji took the most difficult step of launching a surgical strike on Pakistani Military Posts and Terrorists, guess what happened? You guessed it right – Modiji was blamed for the strikes, for the success of the strikes, for giving credit to the soldiers for the success, for taking responsibility for the strikes, for Pakistan giving false stories of failure to the foreign media, for the people congratulating Modi ji for such a bold decision, for Congress not being commended for surgical strikes … PHEW ! I’m tired …
  • Demonetization : Bank employees are dying, people are dying standing in queues … the topic is still live … the blames are still not sticking (on Modi ji)… the wound is still raw (on the opposition parties) … Pakistan, terrorists, Naxals, Hawala operators, Human traffickers, corrupt Babus, all are still reeling from the surgical affect of demonetization on fake currency … so much has been blamed on Modi ji and he’s still standing tall. People are still not rioting & the opposition is tired and out of steam… Jai Bharat Mata !!!

In the middle of all this Blame-Game, one news item caught my attention the most – Arnab Goswami, the erstwhile chief of Times Network blamed ex-Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh for the Uri Attack. He said, “But Parthasarathy will remember that the greatest mistake Manmohan Singh made was that he went and met Nawaz Sharif for one hour in a New York hotel on 29 September 2013, just days after the twin attacks in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua and Samba.” Guess what happened then !!! He was soon sacked from Times Network ! So much for dissent and tolerance…

So Mitron, what do you think 2017 will be like? Will it continue being the ‘Blame Modi’ year or will it be the ‘Bless Modi’ year? Do let us know … Jai Hind ! Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyaan !!!

Rati Hegde