Opposition’s new master plan, “Not to attack Modi Government, but attack Election Commission for poll debacle”!

It is often said and even quoted by Shree Narendra Modi too that “When a child fails in exam then in excuse he mentions that question was out of syllabus or examiner is my enemy and he intentionally gave me poor marks”

This saying is perfectly correct on opposition especially desperate Congress and AAP.

BJP and its North East Democratic Alliance in which all parties NPP, NPF and LJP are part comfortably pass the majority of 31 MLA and they already proved it in front of Governor.

BJP in Goa too comfortably pass the majority with Goa Front Party and MGP along with 3 independent have support to BJP.  Congress is desperate and moved to Supreme Court today and gets slapped where Court says that don’t waste time of Court, if you have numbers then prove it in front of Governor.

Now Congress and all those parties who faced defeat including AAP, BSP, Samajwadi Party collectively open a new front and want to dilute the impact of BJP grand win in Uttar Pradesh and in all 4 states.

Get ready for Grand Attack on Election Commission and EVM. Political Party and its supporters are back to poke you with misinformation. 

All Party will now change direction from Narendra Modi to Election Commission. They will post and share – Fake technicality of EVM Machine and VVAP Machines and they will dilute EC as Institution. AAP will expose, SP and BSP will back that, Congress will fund media to spread it.

Media House especially NDTV already started the propaganda. Fake Twitter and Facebook profiles are sharing fake information on EVM Machines. Election Commission already blasted Mayawati for her claims.

Common sense says that just 3 days back Mayawati is ready to give support to Congress and SP if there is fractured mandate but now they are questioning EVM Machines.

These Political Parties must understand that questioning Election Commission will not do good instead it will backfire as people will be angry, same Congress is forming government in Punjab with same EVM and same AAP party were claiming their win in both states 3 days back but now Arvind Kejriwal is ready with a press conference to say same kind of jokes!!

Arvind Kejriwal led AAP is purely a media bubble with no work value. Media who were showing AAP winning in Goa 3 days back are silent with the news that AAP lost deposit in 39 out of 40 seats in Goa.

Instead of accepting defeat in Goa and Punjab, Arvind Kejriwal and his supporters start a new propaganda that EVM Machines are hacked.

Let me ask Arvind Kejriwal some questions…

  1. Were EVMs hacked during Delhi elections where you got 67/70 seats?
  2. Were EVMs hacked when Nitish Kumar formed government in Bihar?
  3. Were EVMs hacked when Mamta Banerjee form government in West Bengal?
  4. Were EVMs hacked when Congress won Punjab elections?

If yes, then let me know when you are dissolving your Delhi assembly and ask Election Commission to conduct elections again. 

I am saying all this because Arvind Kejriwal has written a letter to Election Commission that EC must use ballot papers instead of EVM Machines while conducting MCD Elections of Delhi in Month of April.

Why he is in fear? 

Does he know that people of Delhi are angry on his work. Let me remind all Delhi tax payers that Arvind Kejriwal is first Chief Minister ever who has not been assigned a single Portfolio or Ministry. It means since last 2 years he has not done a single work. He took salary enjoyed in Jindal resort used taxpayers money for advertisements and does rally in all states possible. He is rarely present in Delhi.

Delhi is crying with poor health issues, infrastructure problem with bad roads, worst kind of sewerage, electricity cuts etc but he never cared. Over 150 people died in cold and over 200 died with Chikangunya. Nobody cares for them. He was not just the one but all his ministers are out of state. The best example is that one MLA Jarnail Singh resigned from Delhi seat and fought elections in Punjab.

This is the level of drama and this party is continuously doing drama and this Election Commission bashing and EVM hack drama is just another feather.

God bless People of Delhi who are going to vote for MCD Elections.

Abhishek Singh


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