Osama bin Laden’s wife for the first time reveals the real story the night he was killed!

Amal Bin Laden was the youngest wife of Osama Bin Laden. Recently in an interview she described how the American SEALs killed him.

Terror mastermind Osama Bin Laden was with his youngest wife on the night American SEALs attacked and killed him. Amal was his youngest and 4th wife. Along with Amal bin Laden and her children, also living in the house was Bin Laden’s second wife Khairiah and third wife Seham and son Khalid, 22.

By 11pm on May 1, 2011, after dinner, the dishes, and prayer, Bin Laden was fast asleep while his fourth wife lie next to him.Amal said the streets were dark due to electricity shortage on that day but she woke up just past midnight. Then she saw some men moving outside the window and suddenly Laden said to her that ‘Americans are coming’.

“As it was a moonless night it was difficult to see” recalls Amal.

She saw two US Military Black hawks and 24 SEALs were slowly rushing over the lawn and were heading towards the compound.

Up on the second floor balcony, Seham and Khalid could see the Americans approaching.

Bin Laden asked his son Khalid to grab an AK- 47, recalls Amal. Laden was still in his pyjamas. Amal said, she and Seham comforted the children, who were crying. They all went to the top floor and huddled.They heard a blast as the SEALs blew off the gate to the house.

When they finally heard a blast as the SEALs flew off the gate, Laden said that ‘They want me, not you’. And he ordered his family members to go downstairs. But oldest daughters Miriam and Sumaiya hid on the balcony while Seham and son Khalid went downstairs.

Upstairs, Amal, Bin Laden and their young son Hussein remained in the room and prayed. Amal said she realized someone within their inner circle had betrayed them.

The SEALs were now in a hallway and blasted a locked door before heading upwards.

One of the forces members, who spoke Arabic and knew what Khalid looked like, called to him, and when Khalid glanced over the balcony, he was shot.

Sumaiya and Miriam rushed towards the SEALs but they were quickly flicked against a wall by the Arabic-speaking man.SEAL Robert O’Neill walked past them and entered the room. Amal was in front of her husband. She rushed towards O’Neill but was shot by someone as other SEALs entered the room.

Amal said she felt the pain tear through her leg as she collapsed onto the bed and fell unconscious. O’Neill fired the maiden bullet and was later accompanied with other seals until Laden was dead.Meanwhile, Amal says she awoke but acted as if she was dead. She closed her eyes and tried to slow her breathing.

Little Hussein, who had witnessed everything, was grabbed by a SEAL, and water was thrown in his face, according to Amal. “I remained motionless as Miriam and Sumaiya were grabbed by the forces and held over the bodies of their father and voices demanded that they make an identification” says Amal.

At first Miriam gave a fake name, but Sumaiya said ‘Tell them the truth, they are not Pakistanis’. Later Miriyam said ‘My father, Osama bin Laden.’Safiyah, then 11, was hiding on the balcony when she was also grabbed by a SEAL and told to make an identification. Safiyah was crying hysterically but told the men it was her father, Amal adds.

Khairiah, who was in the hallway, was also grabbed by a SEAL to confirm Laden’s identity.

‘Osama,’ she murmured.The Arabic speaking SEAL shouted that he confirmed with the kid and the old lady of Laden’s identification. Amal also said that the Special Forces then dragged bin Laden down the stairs, leaving his head to bump along them.Khalid was dead on the staircase, and his mother tried to kiss him, but she was pulled away.The SEALs put Laden’s body in one helicopter and flew up the remaining Black Hawk.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

Rajat Bhandary