Out of the 20 Lok Sabha seats in Kerala, will the BJP win 11 seats if the Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal contests against Shashi Tharoor?

Earlier, the filmstars were inseparable from cricket fields but now a new trend has begun where the filmstars are willing to join the political arena. While many are vocal about their political stand on social media by supporting a particular ideology or leader, few are waiting for a perfect time to dawn the uniform of politics, for example superstar Rajnikanth.

Now a news is spreading like a wildfire. And it is that the Malayalam superstar Mohanlal would contest from BJP against the Congress heavyweight Shashi Tharoor from Thiruvananthapuram. The people in the close circuit of Mohanlal are saying that there are all chances that he might join BJP. If this happens, then this will be a masterstroke by the BJP in Kerala.

report said that the RSS was keen Mohanlal contests the Lok Sabha elections next year from Thiruvananthapuram, which, if happens, will set up a mouth-watering contest with incumbent Congress MP Shashi Tharoor.

Why all of a sudden this news gained wings?

On September 3rd, a day after Krishna Janmasthami, actor Mohanlal tweeted “It has been a privilege to meet our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendramodi ji on this auspicious day of Janmashtami. Briefed him about Viswa Santhi Foundation and our multifaceted social initiatives”.

Viswa Santhi Foundation is an NGO of actor Mohanlal that was named after his parents.Even the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi tweeted “Yesterday, I had a wonderful meeting with Mohanlal Ji. His humility is endearing. His wide range of social service initiatives are commendable and extremely inspiring” and even posted a picture with the Malayalam actor.

Mohanlal shared the tweet and said “Felt privileged to have your good self listen to and appreciate my social initiatives. Our gratitude for being with the Govt. of Kerala in these testing times, and for the assurance of sustained support in rebuilding Kerala. Pranaams. Respect”.

Since then the speculations got wings saying Mohanlal would join BJP. If this happens then Shashi Tharoor will definitely have to lose his seat in Thiruvananthapuram. That’s because, in 2009 Lok Sabha elections, Shashi Tharoor had won with a margin of about 1,00,000 votes. But in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Mr Tharoor won with great difficulties with a margin of just about 15,000 votes.

By this, one thing is sure that if Mohanlal joins BJP and contests from Thiruvananthapuram then Shashi Tharoor’s influence in his constituency would end.

Why might Kerala BJP deliver an astonishing performance in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in 2019?

  • In Kerala, BJP’s biggest asset is RSS and this nationalist organisation has never let the BJP down. When every political parties favoring Mahagatbhandan chose to play politics over the Kerala floods, it was RSS karyakarthas who risked their lives to save the lives of lakhs and lakhs of Keralites.

In this process, they even lost several young karyakarthas. Let me mention you that while the rescuing operation, RSS never asked anyone’s caste and religion. Hindus, Muslims, Christians; all were saved by the RSS karyakarthas. Due to this selfless act, the RSS has created a sensation in Kerala. Irrespective of religion, all are praising the RSS, accept few political parties and the biased media.

This selfless act will yield results in the upcoming elections. Even if RSS doesn’t remind the people about their work done, the people of Kerala have carved the good deeds of the RSS in their hearts and minds.

  • In election after election, BJP has succeeded in increasing its vote share in Kerala but failed to win Lok Sabha or assembly election seats. This was because RSS lacked a brand image on who they could bank on.

But now the same tragedy is nearly impossible to reoccur. That’s because the BJP has a major Malayalam actor into its kitty. No, its not Mr Mohanlal. On October 2016, the Malayalam film star Suresh Gopi joined BJP in the presence of several BJP leaders. He was even nominated for the Rajya Sabha. There are every chances that he will be a trump card in the upcoming elections.

  • Now if Mohanlal decides to contest from BJP ticket, the BJP will not just win the Thiruvananthapuram seat but also will have a positive impact over several other seats in Kerala.

In 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP failed to win even a single MP seat out of the 20; it had even given a tough fight in several seats. But in 2019, it won’t be a surprise if the BJP wins more than 10 seats because the party has set a target to win 11 seats in 2019.

Hansika Raj