Outrageous : Look at Mamata Banerjee’s shocking response when asked about Dhulagarh riots

Nothing has happened there. You should be ashamed for asking such question,” was the insensitive reply of Mamata Banerjee when she was asked about the situation in Dhulagarh. When India Today reporter asked Mamata Banerjee, “Didi, are you concerned about the situation in Dhulagarh ?”, she made a highly insensitive remark with impunity and left smiling. She said, “Koi nahi kuchh kiya hai, aap log…. You should be ashamed for this. Hua toh kuchh nahin, hoga fir toh” (No one has done anything. You must be ashamed for asking this. Nothing has happened ; if something happens then only we can be concerned). After this, Mamata Banerjee is seen passing off an insensitive smile and walking away. Here is the video.

It’s been more than 15 days since communal riots broke out in Dhulagarh, a small town on the outskirts of Kolkata in Howrah district, barely 20 km away from the Chief Minister’s office in Kolkata. People remain homeless as those who have suffered violent mob attacks are weary of returning to their homes Many have fled the area, leaving behind charred remains of their burnt houses, broken and ransacked by outsiders. Maitri Mondal, a mother of two says the rioteers were shouting “Pakistan Zindabad” and “Hindu Hataao” (remove all the Hindus) as the violent mob entered her bedroom and set it ablaze. “For five hours they created mayhem and the police came when everything was lost. Not a single minister has visited us yet,” she adds.

When India Today correspondent visited Dhulagarh and interviewed the survivors, this is what they had to say. “Villagers locked themselves up inside a room when the mob was nearing the village, pelting crude bombs one after another. When the police came, we were told to leave our houses in two minutes! They didn’t even stop the mob from vandalizing our homes. They kept looting and burning as the police stood as silent spectators,” Dilip Khanra, a survivor, says. “They were carrying petrol and kerosene in drums and had come fully prepared. After looting our jewellery and money they set everything else on fire. Where will we go now?” another victim Subhra Khanra said.

When every single investigation by all the news channels have now admitted that Hindus were selectively targeted and their houses burned by a well prepared Muslim mob, and the police remained mute spectators, this insensitive remark by the Chief Minister of Bengal comes as an extremely shocking statement. Moreover, West Bengal government has not allowed any of the political delegations to visit the area. Successive delegations of the Congress, BJP and CPI(M) have been stopped within a radius of a few kilometres of the troubled area by the police. Yesterday, Mamata Banerjee govt also filed an FIR against Sudhir Chaudhary and Zee News for covering Dhulagarh riots. Where is West Bengal heading to ? Another Pakistan for Hindus ?

Kshitij Mohan