Over 61 lakh jobs created in one year, Employee’s Provident Fund Organisation!

The EPFO has revised the number of candidates getting jobs in academic year 2017-2018 saying that there was record number of 9.51 Lakh jobs created in the month of July-2018. The EPFO which had earlier released the data from September 2017 to July 2018 has increased the jobs rates by 5.16 Lakh which is 11% increase.

For July, the EPFO said that over 9.51 Lakhs jobs were created which made the total enrolment numbers to 61.81 Lakh from September to July. For the month of April 2018, there was an increase from 5.80 to 7.27 Lakh.

The EPFO said the numbers were based on enrolment data of new members in the various social security schemes of EPFO such as pension, Employee state insurance, National pension system, General provident fund, provident fund and insurance. The company estimated that an overall 70 Lakh jobs may have been created from 2017-2018.

Based on the EPFO data, the study also estimated that around 36.8 Lakh people were of the age from 18-25 who had enrolled from April-November 2017. From November 2017- 2018, a total of 55.2 Lakh new subscribers were to be enrolled in various social benefit schemes said the report.

The data also showed the state wise data of the nature of jobs that were created. The report indicated that the export sector hired people between the age of 22-25 years and candidates with Engineering background took up other technical jobs.

The state wise data showed that Maharashtra stood in first place in terms of Job creation while Karnataka and Tamil Nadu stood second and third in job creations.

It is indeed good news that the government which is stressing on job creation is getting successful in creating a significant number of jobs which is benefiting the country in every way possible. The critiques of PM Modi who have always mocked him over job creations will have to now find new reasons to target him as the government is slowly achieving its target of job creation.

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