How P Chidambaram betrayed the nation by giving contract to British firm that printed currency for Pakistan!

For over 9 months now, there has been massive debate on demonetization, while the opposition has always tried to blame Modi government for the act.

P Chidamabaram who gave interviews to few channels said that demonetization adversely affected the economy and reduced GDP. But what Chidambaram failed to remember was that he was mainly responsible for increasing the fake currency note in India. These words were said by Dr Swamy a year back exposing how Chidambaram’s irresponsible move had helped Pakistan print counterfeit notes which got into circulation in Indian markets.

Dr Swamy had said “The initiative of Narendra Modi to demonetize the old notes was necessary for national security and to put an end to counterfeit currency racket in the country.”

Dr Swamy had directly blamed Chidambaram saying This all started, when Chidambaram was the finance minister. He gave the contract for printing currency to a British company, De La Rue , in London, and the same company was also printing currency for Pakistan. So, it became easy for Pakistan to get currency papers. All Kashmir agitation was based on the counterfeit currency from Pakistan.”

In the year 2010, the CBI had conducted various raids on RBI where they shockingly found huge stack of counterfeit notes. 70 branches of RBI office were raided in which multiple currencies with same serial number were found.

BIG EXPOSE! Was the Previous Congress Government and RBI Involved in Printing Counterfeit Notes of 500 and 1000???

So, Chidambaram who is now speaking philosophy and advising Modi government on demonetization should first look into his history before making irresponsible comments.

Aishwarya S