How Rajiv Gandhi was betrayed after his death by P Chidambaram!

P Chidambaram’s name is being heard a lot recently after he was exposed on Aircel Maxis, 2G and other scams by Dr Subramanian Swamy.

Chidambaram and his son had been accused of looting thousands of crores while he was the finance minister and home minister of India. Dr Swamy’s team filed a case against him in the Supreme Court of India, after which his entire details was out. The IT and ED departments also exposed his contacts and deals in hawala transaction by which he diverted huge amount of money overseas in benami names. This man literally put India in great crisis in terms of National security and Economy.

Now another news has been exposed by Team PGurus, where they have put out statements made by P Chidambaram in the year 2009, which shows he was directly in support of terrorist LTTE chief Prabhakaran. LTTE Prabhakaran was the man who was mainly responsible for the killing of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

These statements by P Chidambaram was made just few days before the Sri Lankan government officially announced the death of terrorist Prabhakaran.

We do not wish Prabhakaran ill. Instead of extraditing him to India to try him for so-called crimes, we should negotiate with him to solve the Tamil issue,Chidambaram told NDTV news anchor Barkha Dutt on April 28 2009.

On May 18, 2009, the Srilankan government announced that Prabhakaran was killed in a fierce gun battle between him and the Army. They claimed that he govt had DNA samples to show it was Prabhakaran and they released the pictures of him on National TV.

But these samples were not given to India. However Chidambaram had given a statement then saying “The CBI has told me that they have received documentation from the government of Sri Lanka confirming the death of Prabhakaran,” Chidambaram said while presenting the monthly report of his ministry.” He did not elaborate.

But 4 months before Prabhakran was killed, the Sri lankan army had said that LTTE Chief Prabhakaran may have escaped to unknown place through India.

The report said that the Sri Lankan army had cornered the LTTE completely and they did not have any means of survival in the country. And hence Prabhakaran may have left the Island and could have escaped to India via sea.

There may be an insider’s hand in India who may have helped Prabhakaran escape Sri Lanka. The reports published by many newspapers indicated that there were loopholes in the military operations which helped Prabhakaran escape from Sri Lanka.

The support Prabhakaran got from few political parties in India put lot of doubts on their role. The statement made by P Chidambaram just few days before his death makes one wonder whether he had any role in saving Prabhakaran?

But this could not have been done without the approval of someone very powerful in the governmnet and top leadership of the Congress party.

Further reports from PGurus is awaited.

Credit: Pgurus.

Aishwarya S