P Chidambaram was helping Sonia Gandhi in money laundering, Subramanian Swamy makes scathing attack on Chidambaram!

The attack on P Chidambaram by Subramanian Swamy has intensified after the CBI raided the houses of P Chidambaram and his son in Chennai yesterday.

Subramanian Swamy whose has filed case against Chidambaram in Aircel maxis deal had earlier too claimed that Sonia Gandhi and P Chidambaram both had roles in massive scams that happened in India during Congress rule. He was the first person who provided all documents and evidences regarding the 2G, Aircel Maxis which had caused huge loss to the country.

The Income Tax department had earlier collected all papers related to Aircel maxis scam which showed massive corruption by Chidambaram and involvement in money laundering cases. The CBI was also instructed to file case against former Finance minister under the benami transaction act. Dr Swamy has produced all proofs related to the money laundering and illegal bank accounts to the Supreme Court and demanded his immediate arrest. According to the income tax department, a total amount of 6 lakh crore was looted by P Chidambaram in various scams which was 4 times bigger than 2G scam.

Rs 60,00,00,00,00,000 loss to nation! Massive four times bigger scam than 2G, no media reporting this!

Now after the CBI raided Chidambaram’s houses in 39 places, Dr Swamy made scathing attack on Chidambaram saying he was the personal ‘money launderer’ for Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Reiterating his statement, Swamy said the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) approvals were given by Chidambaram to benefit his son.

“As far as Chidambaram is concerned, he is perhaps the most corrupt. He has also been the money launderer for Sonia Gandhi. He has flouted every law for which he took oath of office to uphold. The FIPB approvals were given because it suited his son for getting a bribe. Such people have to be prosecuted so that in future, such ministers don’t do such things,” Swamy told ANI

He added that there were at least 16 of the FIPB clearances which clearly indicated that Chidambaram  had deliberately done illegals act to benefit his son.

He also accused many in the finance ministry of protecting P Chidambaram and blocking the proceeding against him. He said that the Government needs to take immediate action against Chidambaram and get back the looted amount during the Congress regime.

Aishwarya S