P Chidambaram thinks that our Indian Army has no capability to nab 26/11 master mind Hafiz Saeed!

The former Home/Finance minister of the country doubts the valor and courage of Indian soldiers!

Ten years back, when P Chidambaram was the Home Minister of the country, we remember him taking a stand for terrorist Ishrat Jahan and calling her an innocent student. Well, a person who can call a terrorist and a suicide bomber an innocent girl, can definitely speak against the country.

Few days back, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said that India had the ability to carry out an Osama-like operation to eliminate those responsible for the Mumbai attack. This was the courage shown by the Indian Army Chief which was appreciated by every Indian citizen. But just hours after his statement, P Chidambaram made a statement doubting the valour and courage of Indian Army saying they do not have the capability to nab Hafiz Saeed.

The Congress leader said that soon after the Mumbai attacks, Hafiz Saeed was in a safe house in Karachi and now roams around freely but we don’t have the capability of targeting him in a raid like the one the Americans undertook to get Osama in his Pakistani (Abbottabad) hideout.

“We didn’t have the capability then (in 2008) and I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we have it now. If we had tried, we would’ve failed and that would have been a bigger blow,” he said.

In an interview with Times Now’s Editor-in-Chief Rahul Shivshankar, General Rawat had said that replicating the US style attack on Abbottabad was an option but added that there are other ways of doing it.

“We are doing it differently. One option is that you do what the Americans did to Osama Bin Laden. That is an option… It is possible. But the government is doing it in a different way. Pakistan is being isolated. Today, you see where Pakistan is… There has to be some action shown by the other side to say that we have taken some action,” he said.

Firstly, P Chidambaram should understand that after the 26/11 terror attack, it was the same Congress government which failed to take any action against Pakistan and its terror machinery. They stopped the Army from hitting back Pakistan. But Congress was rather serving Chicken Biryani to Ajmal Kasab for nearly 4 years.

Let us not forget that 26/11 terror attack was not carried out without the help of traitors in India. Just few days before the 26/11 attack took place, one of the most intelligent officer Lt.Col Purohit was arrested by the Maharashtra ATS. Later it was found that the Col Purohit was working in the Military Intelligence of the army wing exclusively dealing in counter terrorism acts, intelligence gathering, decoding and preventing terror operations and mainly infiltrating the terror outfits. He had cracked the money trail from Pakistan and ISI to India, he had infiltrated the SIMI terror outfit. He was even successful in decoding the involvement of most influential politicians in India who were directly linked with Dawood Ibrahim and fake money racket from Pakistan. According to Army officers, Col. Purohit had prevented 7 terror attacks in a span of 2 years.  It is said that it was then, Col. Purohit was able to get information on possible terror attack of 26/11 after which he was arrested within days.

If this information is to be true, it cannot be ignored that some of the most powerful ministers and politicians in Congress let the attack happen and used the incident to blame the BJP and RSS. This is exactly why, even before the trial ended in court, the Congress along with some Urdu newspaper released a book called RSS Ki Sazish and directly blamed the RSS for 26/11 attack.

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So, if anyone prevented action against terrorists after 26/11, it was Congress. Be it supporting terrorists Ishrat Jahan, Shorabuddin, Batla House terrorists or Burhan Wani, Congress has been in forefront projecting them as innocents.

In obeying the orders of an Italian lady, the Congress has betrayed the country not once, but many times for which honest officers like Col. Purohit have become victims.

Given zero interference from Politicians, the Indian army would not just nab Hafiz Saeed, but will also get back the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir within a week and gift it to India. P Chidambaram who doubts Indian Army, should ask the central government to hand over Jammu Kashmir to Army for 6 months, the world will see what will happen to their terror friends and see the normalcy written within no time!

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