P Chidambaram’s wife involved in massive hotel grabbing scam from a businessman?

P Chidambaram during his tenure as the finance minister is accused of involving in many scams like Aircel Maxis and even 2G causing huge loss to the Nation. Dr Subramanian Swamy was the first person who filed case against P Chidambaram and his son Karthi in aircel Maxis scam.

Later Swamy also revealed that Chidambaram had misused his position as finance minister to grant license to various companies which gave him huge amount of bribe. He was involved in serious money laundering act and benami transactions. Recently Dr Swamy also produced evidences against Chidambaram, his son and wife who had diverted the money to 21 bank accounts abroad through illegal means and escaped Income tax. An estimation of over 6 lakh crore has been looted by this family said the income tax and ED report.

Now a new document has been released by businessman Kathirvel, who went to the Delhi High Court seeking actions against Chidambaram’s wife Nalini Chidambaram claiming that the couples had misused their positions and grabbed Kathirvel’s group of hotels, he further goes to claim that Nalini was directly involved in arm twisting.

Kathirvel is a well known Businessman in south, he runs hotel, poultry, education and real estate business in the southern states. According to his complaint to CBI, in 2008, ‘Comfort Inn’, a hotel in Tirupur in which he was a partner, was grabbed by Padmini, sister of Chidambaram’s wife Nalini with the help of top management of Indian Overseas Bank. The hotel is worth more than Rs. 10 crores  and had a loan due of Rs. 2.5 crores with the IOB and IOB declared the loan as a Non-Performing Asset (NPA) and announced auction. Kathirvel approached Madras High Court and later Debt Recovery Tribunal and paid Rs. 64 lakhs to the IOB to avoid auction. Chidambaram was the Finance Minister then.

After receiving Rs. 64 lakhs, the Bank promised cancellation of auction. According to the complaint, the Bank cheated him and conducted a farce auction and allotted the hotel to Padmini at a very cheap rate of Rs. 4.5 crores. The hotel’s value was more than Rs. 10 crores and all of a sudden Padmini with the help of mob of goons barged into the hotel and forcefully acquired the hotel.

The Delhi High court which noted the case, directed CBI to file status report on the probe in Kathirvel’s complaint against Chidambaram’s family members and errant IOB officers in capturing his hotel Comfort Inn in Tirupur in Tamil Nadu. Mr Kathirvel provided the audio clips in which Nalini Chidambaram has spoken about the deal and misguided him with an intention to grab his hotels. He said that the complainant can provide to CBI many such audio clips of the family members of Chidambaram and the bank officials in arm-twisting. The petition also attached photocopy of the Rs.2.5 crores as compensation in cheque given to Kathirvel by Nalini during compromise talks.

The conversations of Nalini with Kathirvel happened on May 11 and 12 in the year 2008, just few days before Chidambaram called Kathirvel and pretended to support him. Chidambaram had also falsely stated that he had directed his wife not to interfere in the deal.

Nalini had said that “Bank only had symbolic possession and they took physical possession with the help of goondas because they knew about Honourable Supreme Court Order. Don’t’ tell anybody that I am involved”. Kathirvel also said that Nalini used goondas to take possession of the hotel and threatened him many ways.

When Kathirvel said that Chidambaram said not to involve Nalini in the deal, she is said to have told “that if it was not for her husband, any other politician would have put him behind the bars.”

The transcripts of the telephonic conversation between Kathirvel and Nalini has been submitted to the court as proof, which shows that Nalini was directly involved in cheating.

Credit and Source: Pgurus.com

https://www.pgurus.com/phone-conversation-nalini-chidambaram-exposes-role-hotel-grabbing/ dated 27 April 2017.

Aishwarya S