A painful open letter by a soldier to the separatists, stone pelters and the paid media!

I’m an Army personnel deputed in Kashmir. Like any other normal young man, I too have my share of dreams and expectations from life.  I want to grow in my career and make my parents happy.  I want to see a pride in my girl’s eyes by winning medals.  I’m happy to see my school and college friends flourishing in corporate/ software professions. And I’m equally happy for myself! The patriotic surge that guided my way to the Indian army is still intact inside me.

Ever since I shifted to Kashmir, my mother has stopped watching her serials and lets my father put news channels throughout the day. There is an inconsolable doubt in her voice when I try to convince her on phone that I’m fine. My father, whom I regarded as a tough man, has urged me to try for a transfer, giving lame excuses. My girl, who is training her mindset to be a soldier’s wife, has already lost the shine in her eyes. Nowadays, she picks my phone at the first ring…very unlike her. To put it in a nutshell, my personal front is not a bright place, nowadays!

At my Deputation place, our synergy with the young Stone pelters is a day to day energetic affair! I don’t know why these youth who throw stones at us, chant Anti-national slogans and wave ISIS flags are considered ‘Civilians’! I know these misguided youth don’t know the enormous barbarity of ISIS across the globe. Neither do they know the meaning of the Azadi they are fighting for. All the poor suckers know is the amount they earn at the end of the day! Rs 500/ for stone pelting, Rs 500/ for stealing our weapons, and Rs 1000 for Grenade stealing and lobbying. I wish these youth listen to our PM Modi and change their way of earning money with dignity and safety … using stones for building infrastructure in Kashmir! This will pacify their mothers as well as mine!

The leaders of ‘All Parties Hurriyat Conference’ and other Separatist Organizations are the real culprits. It’s their anti-national speeches that instigate the gullible youth of Kashmir to stand against the Indian Army.  The lure of money is equally influential. The irony is that we, the Army men have to give these anti-nationals Separatists Z or Y security cover! These Pakistani puppets spoil our heavenly valley with their venomous propaganda and watch the fun from the safe distance.

This is the Nexus of the Separatists, their Boss Pakistan (Read ISIS) and the Paid Media. Their Partners in crime are Communists Leftists. They sing in Chorus ‘Indian Army Murdabad’! Some say ‘Indian Army rapes in Kashmir’. Some say, “The soldiers are paid to die”. Some say that the Indian Army should evacuate Kashmir and let the Kashmir people decide where they belong. Some call us savage for hurting the young stone pelters with pellet guns. Some say we get recruited in Army due to the lack of Education. The Paid Media channels like NDTV, India Today, and Economic Times paint us as atrocious. Imagine the frustration of my friends who risked their lives in the Surgical Strike, when this nexus tried to paint the historic surgical strike as ‘Fake’!

During Natural calamities like floods and earthquakes, the separatists vanish from the scene abandoning their ‘Hired Freedom Fighters’ to their fate. Imagine the embarrassment of Stone pelters when we rescue them and their families during such crisis. But sadly we never earn goodwill with these brainwashed youth. Once the crisis is over, these Paid Guerrillas are back in business. With election times, they are working overtime nowadays.

I want to give a message to the Afzal Premi JNU guy, Kanhaiyya..whom the Media ,especially Barkha Dutt had made a hero for some time…We didn’t join the Indian Army with the hope of getting posted in Kashmir and rape Kashmiri girls. You are right in saying that I am not highly educated. But you know what; I’m earning and supporting my parents at the age of 23…it’s far better than some thirty year old ‘student’ whose old parents are perishing under severe poverty.

Amidst all odds, I’m happy. Last Diwali we soldiers received millions of wishes, personalized greetings and pictures from our Indian brothers and sisters. I feel relieved that the Social Media, the actual fourth pillar of Democracy stand in solidarity with India and the Indian Army. When the above mentioned infamous Nexus stood with ‘Bharat ki Barbadi’ gang , the voice of India chorused in unison..’Bharat Mata ki Jai’! It works as a Morale Booster motivating us the fight with the Nexus of Separatists, Pakistan Terrorism and the Paid Media.

Let’s fight the Enemy outside and within, Me in uniform in Kashmir and you without uniform on the Social Media!

Vande Mataram!

A Proud Indian Jawan!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi




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