Pakistan A Threat To World Peace! Check who said “Pakistan Is A Virus For The World And Humanity”

Pakistan PM Imran Khan, who is going all out to seek support of world leaders in the Jammu and Kashmir issue, is completely ignoring the atrocities committed by his government in Balochistan.

Activists from Balochistan protest against the violations of human rights in these regions. The protests have been carried out ever since Imran Khan arrived in the USA.

The world Baloch Organization sponsored a small plane and also launched an awareness   campaign in New York. The plane flew over statue of liberty, trailing a banner urging UN to stop human rights violation.

“UN must help end human rights abuses in Balochistan,” read the message, in capital letters. It flew down the Hudson river along the city’s skyline and made 10 laps around the statue.

Also, trucks carrying   digital ads with messages about atrocities against minorities have been running across New York.

The organisation said, citing a commission of enquiry established by the Pakistani government, 5,000 cases of enforced disappearances for Baloch people have been registered since 2014. Most of them remain unresolved. “Independent local and international human rights organisations put the numbers much higher. 20,000 have reportedly been abducted only from Balochistan,”

The Baloch are striving hard to show the true face of Pakistan to the world through their protests.

Balochistan was illegally occupied by Pakistan during the partition  in 1947  and it  has always seen Balochistan as a resource rich region and has exploited it in one or the other way.

They are deprived of basic amenities and the military is burning villages to uproot Baloch and make room for the Chinese settlement colonies.  Everyday women and children are raped and killed by the security forces. Over 5,000 people have gone missing in the last five years. 5 out of 10 children are being malnourished and the literacy rate too is poor.

The Central Council Member of Free Balochistan, Sham Baloch said“Pakistan is a virus not just for India, Afghanistan or Balochistan, but for the entire world & humanity. We aim to expose the real face of Pakistan before the world & let the world know that Pakistan is a blot on humanity”

Well, the above statement made by the Council member drags us into another argument as to whether Paksitan is a threat to world peace, let’s analyse

To be honest, the answer is yes mainly because the country has largest number of UN designated terrorists and   terror organizations. It is even more dangerous to know that Pakistan government is sheltering and nurturing the terrorists.

Pakistan is a nuclear state with a proliferation history and the nuclear programme is under the shadow of nexus between states and terrorists.

The government of Pakistan is unstable and most parts of the country are not controlled by the government.  They have terrorists training camps all over the country.

Minorities in Pakistan have shrunk in size, there is mass genocide of the minorities and also they are deprived of basic amenities such as food and water.

The country scores very low on Human parameters like Literacy levels, Employment, GDP etc. With lack of jobs and education, the youth tend to get radicalised easily.

Earlier, Former US defense secretary James Mattis has said he considers Pakistan as the “most dangerous country” because of the level of radicalization of its society and its nuclear weapons.

Mattis wrote in an autobiography “Call Sign Chaos” that “Of all the countries I’ve dealt with, I consider Pakistan to be the most dangerous, because of the radicalization of its society and the availability of nuclear weapons.”

“We can’t have the fastest-growing nuclear arsenal in the world falling into the hands of the terrorists breeding in their midst. The result would be disastrous,” he added

Well, considering all these facts, Pakistan is not only a threat to world peace but the entire world.

Sharanya Alva


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