Pakistan Calls Up “Uncle Sam” Again, Desperate for Talks!

Apparently, Pakistan is exercising a lot of ‘pressure’ on the American government to bring India to the talking-table. Recent events such as Pakistan being boycotted at SAARC, India firmly raising the issue of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism  at BRICS, & the explicit as well as obvious support of major powers like Russia, France, South Korea, Japan & a few others to our surgical strikes has left Pakistan in a daze. The only way it sees as a counter to this rapidly growing situation of near international isolation is to bring India to the negotiating table.

A Pakistani official has reportedly said to the US that India is continuously rejecting talks &, that Pakistan doesn’t want the region to be pushed into a war.

Let’s analyze this –

  • Pakistan’s desperation to talk is clearly visible as it feels that a military conflict with India (especially under the current leadership of Prime Minister Modi) is a self-destructive idea.
  • Pakistan says it doesn’t want the region to be ‘pushed into war’. This is a self-glorifying statement & at the same time a statement that reflects the fear in its establishment at the thought of a war. It wants to show to the US that it wants peace & is trying to attain the high moral ground, but by saying this it is also clearly signalling that it doesn’t want a war because it simply can’t afford it.

The US hasn’t questioned India’s surgical strikes, but it has repeatedly called for talks & peace between the two countries.  Pakistan is taking credit for this stance of the US by claiming that it has been successful in applying pressure on New Delhi to initiate talks. This is what State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner recently said – “Obviously Pakistan has suffered greatly at the hands of terrorists & violent extremists. We want to help Pakistan confront this terrorist threat, but we also want Pakistan also to go after those terrorists who seek & sometimes find safe haven on Pakistan territory.”

  • First of all, India is FED UP with this ambiguous & rather spineless stand that the United States takes. It openly confronts Russia but doesn’t have the courage to show Pakistan its true worth?! Our government isn’t paying heed to such statements & the US should realize this. The US in its usual way is portraying itself as the most ‘responsible’ power which is trying to bring calm between the two countries yet it itself has remained at war for majority of its own history & is attributed with the creation of certain terrorist groups.
  • The US doesn’t seem to halt its financial & military support to Pakistan which is given to our neighbour to ‘fight terrorism’. But all that Pakistan does is use the generous donations to strengthen its army against India or kill innocents in Balochistan. The US sees through this, but unless something troubles the US directly it doesn’t take action. For example, it has put a bounty of $1 million on Hafiz Saeed’s head yet this man comes on national television in Pakistan & no action has ever been taken. The bounty announcement was clearly a formality. Unless the US doesn’t see Hafiz as a threat to its own people, it will never act.
  • Pakistan is taking credit for something that it has nothing to do with. The diplomatic influence of Pakistan in the US & around the world has fallen drastically, & this stance taken by the US is a reflection of its own policy vis-a-vis the Indian subcontinent & not done under pressure from a decrepit, disintegrating army-ruled state.

Overall, we see that Pakistan – even though it continues its ceasefire violations & terrorist infiltrations – has understood that explicit military actions won’t fulfill its dream of obtaining Kashmir. All that it can now do is – somehow bring India to talking terms, lull India into a sense of complacency & false belief that Pakistan has amended its ways, & then carry out Kargil-like (although of lesser intensity) operations by pushing-in militants, capturing Indian land & then forcing a negotiation.

Vinayak Jain