Pakistan Exposed! Pakistani spy accuses his own intelligence agency of protecting terrorists

In a huge embarrassment for Pakistan, one of their own spies has accused their own intelligence agency of shielding terrorists. This comes in the midst of constant claims by Pakistan that it doesn’t harbour terrorists.

Malik Mukhtar Ahmed Shahzada, an assistant sub-inspector has accused Intelligence Bureau (IB) of protecting terrorists.  He even filed a petition in a court requesting for a probe in the matter. He is said to have reported to his superiors that the agency was not taking any action against terrorist groups from various countries, but he was ignored.

In a petition that he filed in the Islamabad High Court, he said that the matter should be referred to Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) for a thorough probe. Although that is hilarious as the ISI is itself infamous for backing terrorist groups against India.

The petition says that the matter was even reported to the IB director general but he took no steps. It claims that some IB officials travelled to Israel and had direct links with Afghan intelligence which had links with another terrorist group from Kazakhstan.The petition further makes a stunning claim that the son of joint director IB (Punjab) was dealing with the said terrorist groups.

The petition read: “Upon thorough intelligence gathering process, it transpired that certain high officials of the IB themselves are directly involved with the terrorist organisations having linkages with hostile enemy intelligence agencies.”

In a nation that faces rampant terrorism on its own soil, that uses certain terror groups as an extended arm of its foreign policy against its neighbours, that has its intelligence agencies and army backing terrorists, it does take guts for a person who holds a rather insignificant post in a bigger context to fight against this endemic evil.

This expose came a few days after Sushma Swaraj thrashed Pakistan at the UNGA in the most unexpected and belligerent manner possible. She had said, “While India made institutes such as IIT, IIM, and AIIMS, Pakistan created terror groups such as LeT, JeM, HizbulMujahideen, and the Haqqani Network. The reality is that Pakistan’s politicians remember everything, manipulate memory according to convenience. They are masters at forgetting facts that destroy their version.”

Pakistan was so rattled by this that it tried to pass off Palestine victim as Kashmiri during its right to reply. Although this is consistent with Pakistan’s nature of deceit.

Vinayak Jain