Pakistan flag waved in college campus! Is Kerala becoming a breeding ground for anti-national radicals?

In Kerala, police have booked case against 30 students for allegedly waving Pakistan flag on campus. The incident happened in Silver College, Perambra in Kozhikode district of Kerala and the students belong to the Muslim Students Front (MSF).

It is sure that many seculars will come in support of these student and pressurize government not to harass innocent students.

But how can one turn blind eye towards the recent developments happening in Kerala. The state is becoming a breeding ground of radical Islam and many youngsters are disappearing only to be known later that they have joined ISIS.

This whole life is a test… I had to break my mother’s heart, my father’s heart… But what matters most is Allah”

These are words spoken by Ayesha in a 12-minute video on YouTube with the title “A Christian woman accepts Islam”.

This is just one of a series of videos of Malayali women who have converted from Christianity and Hinduism to Islam. But Ayesha’s case is different. Born as Sonia Sebastian to a family of Roman Catholics, she is an MBA from Christ University in Bengaluru.

In 2016, Ayesha and 20 other people from Kerala disappeared mysteriously and simultaneously. Though no one knows where exactly they are now. It is believed that, they might have joined the global terror outfit called the Islamic State (IS).

These kind of radicalisation have become common in kerala. It is fuelled by the background and upbringing of most of the educated, middle-class families.

Many of the houses are richly built and decorated, because atleat one family member from kerala will be working in West Asia or running hotels and guest houses in Mumbai or Bengaluru. Yet these youngsters some of them who are doctors and engineers from reputed universities are  turning out to be face of radical extremism.

In a sting probe done by a news channel it was discovered that several madrasas in Kerala are preaching Wahabism, a Saudi-sponsored creed of extremist Islam linked to global terror. Young students are being brainwashed by Seminaries aided by hawala funding from Gulf countries. These seminars preach wicked goal of ISIS to establish a global caliphate through a world-wide war.

In an unsettling evidence of what appears to be a covert infiltration of the ISIS ideology in the country, this investigation has found several madrasas are teaching the theo-Fascist variety of Islam.

“There’s a problem if we talk about a caliphate in public. There are many Hindu people around. If we speak about Khilafat (caliphate), the Hindus would call us ISIS men. So, we are not direct. We put it in the hearts of children bit by bit, There’s no rush. A caliphate is not built in a day.” confessed Mohammed Bashir, joint secretary of a madrasa run by the Karuna Charitable Trust at Pullorammal in Kozhikode district. They preach the ultimate ambition of ISIS. And provoke to wage an apocalyptic war against disbelievers(kaafirs).

Preaching of radical Islam is not limited to one centre in Kerala. Abdul Malik, who runs his madrasa in Karanthur, admitted that zakir Naik’s videos were shown regularly to young children at his centre.


Both Bashir and Manik acknowledged receiving financial support from the Arab world through underground hawala channels.

“It’s difficult through banks. It’s done via hundi (hawala),” Bashir confessed.

The undercover reporters had convinced them that they were potential financiers from the Middle East, Malik had revealed the global scale of the nexus between hawala operators and radical madrasas like his.

The family members of those who have joined ISIS say that, there was gradual reclining towards orthodox practices. For example, Some of them had refused to accept car brought on loan, as it is ‘haram’ in Islam.

The main reason for this change in kerala is “Arabisation”, most of them work in countries like Saudi Arabia. They start importing idea like “What one should wear, what their rituals or inter-sex relations should be” . There is a suspicions that there is an active team in kerala behind the  recruitment young college students.

Kerala is a Sunni dominated state. the orthodox Salafi way of Islam, emphasizes on adhering to more traditional interpretation of the Koran and Sunnah. They tell, that you can’t live like a true Muslim among those practising other religions. These people don’t acknowledge secularism or democracy.

some of those who went missing told their families repeatedly about living in a land with only Muslims and they have escaped from “darulkafir” to “darulIslam”(from the house of nonbelievers to the house of Islam).

Dr. S. L. Bhairappa writes in his book ‘Avarana’, that “a convert is always orthodox in practicing the religion he has adopted rather than one who is born in the same religion, because there is a need to prove himself”

Same thing can be seen happening in kerala. neo-converts often wish to wear their religion on their sleeve by adopting symbols, rather than those who grew up studying Islam from their childhood.

The hatred is being systematically injected into the minds of children and youngsters. Poverty or unemployment has nothing to do with the radicalisation. It’s just a myth created by pseudo seculars to divert attention from burning problem. Right to practised religion should not be misunderstood to practise something which will cause harm to the peaceful coexistence in the society.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth