If Pakistan hangs Kulbushan Jadhav, declare Balochistan as independent country : Subramanian Swamy!

The Pakistan has again showed that it is a terror country which tortures innocents and let terrorists run scot free in their country. While terrorists like Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim and many others who were responsible for violence in Kashmir, 26/11 and Mumbai blasts are happily roaming free, the Pakistan government and the ISI are executing innocent Indians. Many Indians, including army jawans have been tortured and killed by this terror country before as well, the worst was how the Pakistan Army treated Maj. Saurabh Kalia.

Now, an ex-navy officer Kulbushan Jadhav has been given death sentence by the Pakistani military court. He was captured on 24th March, 2016 near the border town of Chaman in Balochistan on the charges of espionage. Pakistan did not allow Jhadav to meet the Indian counsel or give him access to speak to lawyer but simply declared him a Indian spy without providing any proof.

Yesterday, the Pakistan military court gave him death sentence and declared him a spy of the Indian RAW agency. As soon as the news broke out, the Indian government reacted very strongly against Pakistan’s decision to term him a Spy and called it pre motivated murder.

Dr.Subramanian Swamy who has always demanded the Indian government to declare Pakistan as terrorist nation has reacted strongly to the Incident and said that India should give a befitting reply to Pakistan. He said that if Pakistan hangs Jadhav, then Indian government must recognise Balochistan as an independent Nation.

In his tweet today, Swamy expressed displeasure and anger over the brutal killings of Indian Nationals by Pakistan.

“This is the time to wake up. We should give up the ideology that to maintain friendship between the Hindus and the Muslims, it is important to mend the relationship between India and Pakistan and should take strict action against Pakistan” added Swamy.

He asserted that one should not be shocked with Pakistan’s act as such kind of actions are always expected from the neighbouring country.

“I am not shocked over this incident as there is no democracy in Pakistan. They are growing in ‘Jungle Raj’. Even the way their ancestors have killed people in India, it has never been done by anyone before,” he said.

Dr Swamy’s words echoes the voices of million Indians who want the Indian government to teach Pakistan an unforgettable lesson for their criminal acts. It is time Indian government forgets about peace talks with a country which gives no value for the word peace and start dealing them with iron fists. Pakistan is a country which doesn’t mind to kill its own citizens or other Nationals, and so the only way to teach Pakistan a lesson is to declare them a terror country, stop all financial trade and business and isolate them in the global platform.

India should stop the Indus Water treaty, remove MFN status to Pakistan and deprive them of every facility they are getting from us.

Aishwarya S