Pakistan lover is back in action! By saying “Indian Army waging war against its own people”, Arundathi Roy has exposed herself

Indian author and Booker prize winner, Arundhati Roy is in news again. She became the talk of the town after she made comments against the India and Indian Army. In a recent video, Arundhati Roy can be heard saying that the Pakistan Army never deployed its military against its own people.

This was soon followed by lot of criticism from people o  Twitter, many slammed the author for her “anti-India stance”.

It had been seen time and again that to hit the headlines Roy had been making derogatory comments against the Indian Army and siding with the Pakistan. In this particular video, Roy is trying to imply that Indian armed forces are holding Kashmir by force.

This comment drew criticism from across India. One of the first to slam Arundathi Roy was Tarak Fatah, a journalist from Canada, who is known for his unapologetic remarks on the country where he was born – Pakistan. He speaks for human rights of people of Sindh and Baloch. He is progressive thinker who expects many reforms within Islam.

In his Twitter post, he wrote, “Pakistan has never deployed its military against its own people. Was she blind and deaf when 3 million people died in the Bangladesh genocide by Pakistan army in 1971? Is she unaware of Balochistan? She’s literally reading off a Pakistan ISI briefing note.”

in Balochistan, thousands of people are missing and their houses are being destroyed in bombardments. Many missing persons are being killed and their mutilated bodies are recovered.

Taj Baloch who is a human rights activist from Balochistan says-

“Pakistan Army is using terrorist outfits not only against its neighbours but against its own citizens in Balochistan. These terror outfits along with Pakistan security forces are inolved in abduction of political activists. They are involved in the torture and targeted killing”.

And sitting securely here in India, Roy peddles lies.

Arundathi Roy has only spoken when she need to be in news. She criticizes India, Army, the prime Minister. If it was just that, then it would not have been a great problem. Because by the provision of constitution every citizen has a right to dissent.

but problem with likes of Arundathi Roy is, in the name of secularism, progressive thinking, these people peddle Naxal/Moist ideology. The stand in support of terrorists and try to hide under the veil of human rights.

She may be a rebel without a pause. But she is dangerous. If we look closely, Her activism is restricted to making speeches in places that allow free-speech. So we will always find her making stringent remarks against American imperialism and India from safe venues like Washington or New Delhi.

These people proudly declare themselves urban naxals. She criticized army when Major Gogoi tied a stone peltier to his jeep to escape from the violent mob. She calls herself a believer of non violence when it is open secret that she is a Naxal sympathizer. She is a very articulate person and has strong hold on English language, and perhaps she has considered those as her license to abuse India.

When a country she defends is sponsoring cross border terrorism to disturb peaceful existence in India, she calls for withdrawal of forces from Kashmir.

Arundhati Roy was a shameless self-promoter whose only objective was to stay in the news by scoring side goals. Her speech at a a political exhibition organised by Yaseen Malik, of the Jammu & Kashmir Liberation (JKLF) front, she had said Kashmir is not an integral part of India. Her recent attitudes prove that Arundhati Roy is not merely a sympathiser of terrorism, she is also advocates it.

The meeting was organised by the JKLF.

Yasin Malik is a known Kashmiri separatist leader and former militant who advocates the separation of Kashmir from both India and Pakistan. JKLF is promoting spearheaded armed militancy in the Kashmir Valley. And Roy chose to share stage with him in his support.

Arundhati Roy is entitled to her opinion that Indian forces stationed in Kashmir are ‘occupation’ forces, but when she asks Kashmiri separatists who have gathered to attempt a non-violent campaign to do something ‘radical and serious’. She is advocating terrorism.

Recently, after the scrapping of Article 370,

Mushahid Hussain, a Pakistani politician, journalist, appearing in a debate on Pakistani news channel Geo TV revealed that people like writer Arundhati Roy, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and political parties like the Congress were “sympathisers” of Pakistan, who can be helpful for the cause of Pakistan.

In an interview once, She went on to compare the BJP with the Fascists as she claims that both share the same ideology. She even claims that despite all his fascism, Hitler had ‘developed’ Germany into an economic superpower but Modi has destroyed India’s economy. All of it, notably, without a single fact-based argument.

Arundathi Roy has a strange conspiracy theory, which she shamelessly propel.

Roy believes that RSS and BJP are mobilising people across the country to inflict terror on Muslims and push the idea of Hindu Rashtra. Roy also believes that BJP is not just a political party. She had openly criticised the Indian citizens who had voted for the BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

She propogates senseless fear mongering. Now when NDA has formed government again, she says, five years of this mobilisation backed by the RSS and BJP will cause damage to India’s institutions. Roy further said that even with the chance of BJP losing the chance of making India hindu rashtra, the danger is still high as the opposition parties are much weaker and the so-called ‘mobilisation’ still takes place despite RSS and BJP goes out of power.

The ‘secular’ Roy had called for a ‘counter mobilization comprising of Dalits, Muslims, Adivasis, OBCs and other minorities to balance out the RSS base. In fact, she reveals her bigotry and casteism by propagating a new coalition across the caste and religious lines to take on the BJP and the RSS.

Arundathi Roy had publicly said that she would prefer the chaos rather than the BJP.

Every citizen of India is given the freedom of expression and right to vote for an ideology which suits him or her. But exercising this freedom to abuse the nation, it’s democratically elected government. To side with terrorists and criticize armed forces is sinister. People like her, are the real threat to the social fabric of the country.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth