Pakistan mentioned Nehru and ‘Doval Doctrine’! What is it and why Pakistan losing its sleep over it?

After yielding zero result in UNSC closed door consultations on Friday, 16th of August, Pakistan is left with only one option of drawing attention of international media by making wild remarks on India and India Prime Minister. We have already seen their PM Imran Khan, doing the same during his address to Pakistanis on the occasion of their independence day.

UN has reminded once again that the matter of Kashmir must be solved bilaterally and third party mediation is impossible Acc. To Shimla Agreement.

Today Pakistan’s external affair minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi not only claimed the UNSC counsel was favorable to Pakistan, he made a remark on PM of India.

“Narendra Modi has buried Nehru’s India,” Qureshi said at a press conference after chairing a high-level committee meeting over Kashmir. Qureshi added that the Indian policy revolves around “Doval doctrine”.

What is this “Doval Doctrine”, why pakistan is losing its sleep over it?

The Modi government’s hardline strategy with respect to Kashmir is the approach suggested by National Security Adviser Ajit Doval back in 2010. Ajit Doval had said that the protests looks big but there is a point beyond which  they cannot sustain and even if they do there is a price they have to pay. It was his opinion that government should never give in to the protests.

Mr. Doval is called a hawk. He is the prime mind behind the aggressive posture that India has adopted for the last few years.

When India upped its game against China following the skirmishes on the border near Sikkim in the Doklam region, it was Mr. Doval the mastermind behind it.

The duo of DovalModi are proving biggest nightmare for Pakistan. Doval was once stationed in Pakistan for seven years. He used to frequent mosques to offer prayers and had befriended the local people in order to collect sensitive information. Doval is fluent in Urdu and also has an impressive knowledge of Islam. Living in Pakistan, he has a better idea of its weaknesses.

Pakistan is a neighbor which continues to bleed us. We have to find a solution which is long-term, sustainable and affordable. This is Mr. Ajit Doval’s view point. So his doctrine(as pakistan calls it) has 3 step approach.

first, accepting reality.

Second, defining the problem.

Then, to decide upon response. He says terrorism, it is senseless and inhumane and terrorism is a tactic to achieve ideological or political advantages.

Acc to him, the enemy should be engaged in three modes.

  • One is a defensive mode. That is, what the chokidars and chaprasis do, i.e. to prevent somebody from coming in.
  • Second One is defensive-offensive. To defend ourselves, we go to the place from where the offence is coming.
  • The last mode is called offensive mode. Ajit Doval had said-

“When we come in defensive-offense, we start working on the vulnerabilities of Pakistan. It can be economic, it can be internal, it can be political; it can be international isolation, defeating their policies in Afghanistan, making it difficult for them to manage internal political lands security balance. It can be anything.

“Pakistan’s vulnerabilities are many times higher than us. Once they know that India has shifted its gear from defense mode to defensive-offense, they will find that it is unaffordable for them.”

Then came the line that had went viral: “You may do one Mumbai, you may lose Balochistan.” It was a giveaway, an eye-opener.

This is the heart of the Doval doctrine. And this is what Narendra Modi’s India is.

Long gone are the days when our good will and peace keeping efforts were our biggest weakness. We have been back stabbed many a times by pakistan.

This is not Nehru’s India, it can not be Nehru’s India, where the prime Minister lacked on judgement and his blunder caused heavy loss  with the formation of PoK.

Of course pakistan will sing Nehru’s praise because retaliation was not his principle, he let India bleed and sad thing he let Pakistanis do it.

Why are Pakistani leaders so worried about implementation of Doval doctrine?? It is because till pakistan backs cross border terrorism,  Peace, co-existence, dialogue and other colorful terms do not find their place doval doctrine.

Now when a stable and strong government is in centre, who have a will to carry out these guidelines, pakistan know what to expect.

They fear more surgical strikes

They fear Balakot like air strikes

They fear liberation of Balochistan

All the roads to gather enough attention to the kashmir through their perspective are blocked. None of the countries other than their old ally China are supporting them. OIC too limited itself to a comment and nothing more.

Now it’s Nehru, next they may bring Atalji’s name into their dirty mind games. They will hail all predecessors of Modi to paint a picture of ‘fascist modi’ (as imran khan refers).

Pakistan is absolutely right this time, Modi has buried Nehru’s India, with that he has also buried the errors and blunders of Nehru’s time. And India will ever be thankful to him.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth