Pakistan PM Imran Khan says there is only Islam, nothing as ‘Radical Islam’! If so then how did Jaish ‘activated’ itself under new identity?

Counter terror agencies in India have revealed a massive plot against India being planned in Imran Khan’s ‘Naya Pakistan’ which knows only Islam and according to him there is no such thing as Radical Islam.

Then it becomes necessary to question, why Imran Khan is shielding Masood Azhar and Hafeez Sayeed??

Now the Indian intelligence are said to have clear information on,

Terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) changed its name to Majlis Wurasa-e-Shuhuda Jammu wa Kashmir to ward off international pressure and scrutiny over its jihadi training activities in Pakistan, and Mufti Abdul Rauf Asghar, the younger brother of its bedridden chief Masood Azhar, has taken control of the Pakistan-based terror outfit.

Azhar, a globally designated terrorist, lies terminally ill in Markaz Usman-o-Ali in Bhawalpur, Pakistan.

Jaish was previously known as Khudam-ul-Islam and Al Rehmat Trust. The name of Jaish’s new avatar, Majlis Wurasa-e-Shuhuda Jammu wa Kashmir (which roughly translates to “gathering of the descendents of martyrs of J&K”) is the same of its mother outfit with only change of word “Al-Islam” in place of “Al-Jihad”.

One of its leaders, Maulana Abid Mukhtar, has already called for jihad against India, the US and Israel at its Kashmir rallies this year.

According to counter terror agencies, Jaish has prepared a group of 30 suicide attackers to hit India, particularly installations in military cantonments and convoys of Indian security forces in Jammu & Kashmir.

Rauf Asghar has not only reactivated the Markaz Syed Ahmad Shaheed training camp at Balakot this month but has also been motivating recruits in Bhawalpur and Sialkot to attack Indian security establishments.

According to the counterterror agencies, training and radicalisation-focused madrasas such as Qauat ul Islam, Abu Huraira and Ashab us Safa in Mardan etc. have been operationalised following the nullification of Article 370 by the Narendra Modi government in August.

The two main training centres in Bhawalpur and one in Jamrud have been tasked to prepare for jihad in Kashmir.

What’s significant in the post-August 5 activation, according to the counterterror agencies, Masood Azhar has passed the baton to brothers Rauf Asghar and Talha Saif.

Jaish leaders such as Qari Faisal, head of religious affairs at the Markaz Usman-o-Ali in Bhawalpur, in a sermon on August 16 used India’s move to revoke J&K special status to claim that all treaties signed in the past 70 years by the two countries stood scrapped too with the Valley reverting to its 1947 status.

If this were true, then Pakistan has no legal claims on either occupied Kashmir or the Northern Areas.

In this context army General Bipin Rawat’s statement hold great importance. That action beyond LoC is a possibility.

The June 2010 interrogation of Mumbai attacks accused David Coleman Headley by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) provides a fascinating insight into the competitive rivalry among Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) fighters to hurts India the most by killing innocents.

Headley, a US national of Pakistani origin, recounted that it was after the success of LeT’s Abdur Rehman Hashim’s “Karachi project”, which produced Indian Mujahideen cadres on a mass scale to target India, that fellow jihadi Sajid Majid orchestrated the 26/11 attacks to show up the former. While the long awaited UN designation of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar is a step in the right direction, this move will not end terror attacks on India by Pakistan-based groups or reduce the level of violence in the Kashmir Valley.

Pakistan is using all illicit plans to keep either of this terror outfits active to infiltrate militants into India.

Pakistan’s tactics is now clear, the lifting of restrictions on global terror groups such as Jaish and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) by Islamabad after August 5, the reactivation of training camps, and Kashmir-linked rallies such as the one in Rawalkot on September 13, will put pressure on Indian authorities on not fully restoring telecom networks in the Valley.  The intelligence assessment is that Pakistan will try and infiltrate as many militants as possible before the onset of snow in late October.

And on a global platform Pakistan is using same reason to portray that Kashmir lock down is causing mass human rights violation.

Imran Khan’s game has been busted and the ploy to harm India has been exposed. India is all set and ready to fight this radical Islamic terrorist. UNGA meeting in this backdrop has become even more significant.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth