Pakistan shames itself, fakes Nuclear Missile Babur-3 test using Photo shopped video!

Just hours after Pakistan  proudly claimed that they successfully tested the Nuclear Missile Babur-3 the defense experts have proved that the video was completely FAKE! The technical experts who examined the video of the Missile launch program posed few questions on Pakistan Missile testing video, it was later sent to photo shop experts and defense analysts where it was found that the the video was fake and photo shopped!

The satellite imagery analyst centre based in Pathankot released technical evidences which suggested that Pakistan used computer graphics to depict much of the weapon’s flight. Pakistan generated a graphic based image of a missile and used a background video which was taken during the launch of some missile before and claimed that Babur-3 was successful.

Col Vinayak Bhat, an imagery expert told the Indian Today that the Pakistan Video is definitely computer generated. He also pointed that the colour of the missile keeps changing from  white to orange in the video which is very unusual and the speed of the missile is unbelievable high which can never happen.

Now that defense experts have released proof claiming that Pakistan nuclear missile test was fake, Pakistan has been embarrassed in the global platform. Babur-3 missile is a nuclear capable missile, which has a range of 450 km (280 miles) and was fired from an undisclosed location in Indian Ocean. The Pakistan had claimed that the Babur-3 had enormous capacity and was capable of carrying various types of payloads and gave Pakistan a credible second strike capacity.

Pakistan was very much concerned about India’s test of anti-ballistic missiles which was capable intercepting incoming nuclear weapons and wanted to counter India’s growth in defense sector. But unfortunately their trial has proved to be fake and has caused them huge embarrassment.

Aishwarya S