Pakistan shivers with fear!!! India’s friendship with this nation has threatened Pakistan’s existence

Senior people in the Pakistani government are extremely worried about growing India-US ties. They are very unhappy with the US furthering ties with India and even encouraging its role in Afghanistan.

One such Pakistani official says, “Pak-US ties have improved, no doubt, but we are having a tough time on the diplomatic front. The improvement in Pak-US ties is not as significant as the closeness of Washington and New Delhi. It is a threatening alliance. They are hugging India tightly and only holding our hand.”

He added: “We have been trying to convince the US to stop banking too much on India especially on the Afghanistan issue but there has been no real success so far.”

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will visit Pakistan next week. But he had some strong statements for Islamabad. He wanted Pakistan to deepen cooperation in countering growing Chinese influence in Asia. He even said that the US can never have the same relationship with a non-democratic China as it has with India. He will also be visiting India. Tillerson called India an ‘increasingly global’ partner who shared an ‘affinity for democracy and a vision of the future’.

The unease in the Pakistani establishment concerning an India-US ‘alliance’ is perfectly depicted through this statement of a foreign ministry official in Pakistan: “We cannot afford to give away the US to India. They are already in a marriage of convenience. For the past few weeks, we have agreed to all their (the US) demands to woo them. At this point, we are ready for a give all policy. Let’s admit, we may be able to live without the US but that won’t be too easy.”

On the topic of Afghanistan, he said: “They (India) are already using the Afghan soil against us, more Indian access (to Afghanistan) means, more problems for Pakistan.”

India and the US just recently had a military exercise in America. The two nations have also quietly enabled the LEMOA (Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement) which is a military logistics-sharing pact. It gives Indian forces access to supplies and spares across the world, and enables US warships and planes to replenish in India. This is undoubtedly a huge boost to India’s logistical capabilities, but this shouldn’t be looked at as a military alliance.

Vinayak Jain


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