Pakistan Still in the State of Coma after Surgical State!

The terrorist strikes that was tagged as counter attack by the Indian Army inside PoK was the most significant series of avenging operations in the diplomatic history of India. This surgical strike was a specialized function of a military establishment minus the ages old diplomatic drama.

As this surgical strike took place shortly after the attack of Uri, Pakistan got more elements to be shocked at the power of our Army n got a bitter taste of the consequences of cowardly barbaric acts conducted by terrorists sponsored by Pakistan itself. This attack proved that India could strike at LoC but was forbidding it since so many years in the hope of Aman ki Asha which was a fake initiative from Pakistan’s side.

Defence Minister of India Manohar Parrikar today praised the efforts of the troops and our Indian Army. Parrikar said “We do not want to capture any nation, Lord Rama won Lanka and gave it to Vibhishana. We did the same in Bangladesh,we do not want to harm anyone,but if some harms us a befitting reply will be given”. He further added “Pakistan is in a state of coma just like anyone is after surgery” referring to the constant denials by Pakistan about the surgical attack. Since the motive of the strikes were terrorists, the Pakistan army had to face it as they were the encouraging force behind terrorists sponsored by ISI.

India for the first time gave a huge blow and clearly showed that avenging would be very much imminent in the terms of  Indian Army mannerisms further if any such cowardly n barbaric acts are conducted on India.

Sources in home ministry and Raw say that Pakistani terrorists are going to be ready for a spectacular strike against of our surgical strike. There are chances that unlike most of the times when terrorists target civilians this time they could be targeting the security forces too. Areas near border are of more risky for security forces.In that case every possible target of “sleeper cells” should be successful by military operations.

Raw and military undercover agents should provide even smallest information about any attack to various police departments for the security of civilians. Without the help of special branch and local polices all tip off information couldn’t be handled only by intelligence department. Intelligence department single handedly shouldn’t decide on the pros n cons as India is not only unsafe in hands of terrorists sponsored by Pakistan but also unsafe in the hands of Pro Pak doves and Pakistan peripheral people living in India who are equally dangerous.

Vande Mataram.