Why Pakistan is totally shattered and rattled by the victory of Donald Trump ?

Today has been a historic day. Beating every odd, defying all the surveys and shocking everyone, Donald Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton and will be the 45th president of the United States of America. While the left liberals and intellectuals of the USA and all over the world are dejected and heartbroken at the victory of Donald Trump, even more shattered is Pakistan – a nuclear armed country which has been safe haven of terrorists and uses terrorism as its state policy.

Right from the earliest stages of campaigning, Donald Trump asked very strong and hard-hitting questions on the current policy of the United States of America with respect to Pakistan. Trump was one of the only persons in the USA who could openly call Pakistan a country that provides safe haven for terrorists and in a hard hitting tweet, asked Pakistan to apologize for harboring Osama bin Laden. All this happened when he was not even in the presidential race.

After he entered the race for president, he took a very strong stand on terrorism and had the guts to call spade a spade, often drawing an ire from leftist liberals. While others continued with minority appeasement, Trump was bold and candid enough to attribute a host of terror attacks to “Islamic Terrorism”. On December 2, 2015, a Pakistani couple killed 14 and seriously injured 22 people in a deadly terror attack after which Donald Trump took an even stronger stance and said that he knows the ways and he will stop it completely. Again, when terrorists in Pakistan attacked the Christian community and killed 67 people, Trump was bold enough to tweet in a strong language and condemning Islamic terrorism. Similarly there have been many other instances where Trump showed the world that he has what it takes to solve the menace of terrorism – the first step of solving a problem is to acknowledge it.

Not only this, Donald Trump took a very strong stand against the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan when in April this year, he said that Pakistan is an unstable nuclear country and it is a threat to the global peace. He said he will seek help from India to secure the nuclear arsenals of a country which is unstable. This was a very clear hint that Pakistan is not going to get it easy from Trump.

Recently, the Indo-US relationship has been on a massive upswing. The growing bonhomie between the largest and the oldest democracies of the world in all the areas has shifted the balance of power. USA has been openly supporting India for permanent membership of NSG, UNSC and key elite groups. The trade volume, military training, cooperation in intelligence & defense, and diplomatic relations between the two nations have been at an all time best, thanks to the personal friendship between Narendra Modi and Barack Obama. They have met 8 times in last 2 years. During the final stages of the campaigning, Donald Trump showered heaps of praises on Narendra Modi and said that India and US will not only better their relationships, but will be “the best friends”, a statement which has started to haunt Pakistan now that Trump is all set to be the President. Trump’s love for India and Hindus is well known as he himself expressed his love for Hindus of India.

Recently, the US-Pak relationship has been on a downhill with many terrorists being killed in drone attacks inside Pakistan territory, refuting their long standing claim of not harboring terrorists. Well, with Donald Trump as the US President who has won the election on the promise of taking strong stand against terror and countries supporting terrorism, while at the same time open support of India has sent Pakistan in a shattered condition !

Kshitij Mohan