Pakistani-American couple thrown off US flight for saying Allah

Islamophobia or Reality?

A Pakistani-American couple travelling in Delta airlines recently were thrown out of the flight when the crew members noticed them with unusual behaviour.  The man was sweating and saying ALLAH while his wife had taken off her shoe and was texting continuously which made the crew suspect their behaviour.  The pilot refused to take off the flight and immediately informed the French police.

According to the couple, the police asked them to step out of the flight with all their belongings for an interrogation. However after questioning it was learnt that the couples were on a trip to Paris for their wedding anniversary. The coupes have lodged a complaint on the delta airlines for discriminating them on basis of religion and country. They have said the crew members suffered from Islamophobia!

Before we judge the crew/police we have to consider the fact what impact and fear has ISLAM created in the minds of people. More than 3 terror attacks in France, hundreds killed, scared for life. How do you expect anyone to react to an unusually circumstance??

Over three hundred innocent life on board and responsibility lies in the hands of crew members, will you dare to risk their life ignoring the situation?

If anyone here is to be blamed, it”™s and counties like Pakistan who have constantly endorsed terrorism and allowed it to flourish in their soil.

It”™s not Islamophobia but the fear for Life!

Aishwarya S