Pakistani Drug Smuggler Who Had Two Fake Aadhaar Cards Arrested in Tamil Nadu

A Pakistani national was nabbed at Erwadi in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu on Saturday. Mohammed Yunus, 65, had apparently travelled to India through an illegal ferry from Sri Lanka.

He was travelling across India and had in his possession two fake Aadhaar cards. Police say that Yunus is a narcotic dealer who pretended to be a nuts trader with business connections in Sri Lanka.

Three months ago, Yunus reached Sri Lanka for smuggling. Impressed with his ability to speak languages like English, Hindi, Urdu and Sinhalese, a Sri Lankan agent assigned him the task of collecting two cases of brown sugar from an agent in Ahmedabad. He was given a passport and $400 by the agent.

“The Ahmedabad agent could not deliver the narcotic consignments as promised and asked him to travel back. So he called the Sri Lankan agent asking him to arrange illegal ferry back to Sri Lanka,”said a Q branch police official who interrogated Yunus.

Yunus reached Erwadi Dhargah a few days ago and booked a room at a lodge with his fake Aadhaar cards. Based on a tip off from an informer, the Erwadi Dhargah police nabbed him. At first, the police suspected him to be a Sri Lankan national but deeper investigation revealed that he was actually a Pakistani narcotic dealer.

He is said to have secured the duplicate Aadhaar cards – one with a Bihar address and another with Kilakarai address – with the help of a Sri Lankan national at Mannadi in Chennai. His photograph has been pasted on somebody else’s Aadhaar cards and he had photocopies of such Aadhaar cards.

Along with Yunus, the police also arrested Syed Abutahir and Ajees of Erwardi for assisting Yunus and were booked for criminal conspiracy under sections of the Passport Act.

The Erwadi Dharga police booked Yunus under IPC sections 465 and 468 for forgery, 471 for fraudulently forging a genuine document, 419 for cheating and impersonation and 420 for cheating. He was also booked under Section 14 of the Foreigners Act 1946 and 3 (a), 6 (a) of the Passport (entry to India) Rules 1950 for illegally entering into the country.

He was lodged in Ramanathapuram prison and maybe shifted to the Puzhal Central Prison in Chennai after obtaining necessary documents. This is just one incident of how Pakistanis are carrying out illegal activities in India.

A few months back, a shocking case came up where the ISI through its moles in Rajasthan was using donation boxes at Masjids as sources of funding. Our intelligence and security forces need to be wary as Pakistan will only intensify such indirect warfare.


Vinayak Jain