Pakistani Journalist on TV show claims that all Pakistanis were initially Hindus but converted to Islam

Indian politicians’ election agenda will be development but Pakistan politicians’ agenda is to spew venom against India. This was done by several Pakistani Prime Ministers since decades, no matter even if Pakistani citizens leave in a primitive age where development is like oasis.

And the world was in a delusion that India is illegally holding Pakistani land. But the entire trajectory of this changed since the moment Indians elected a strong leader. PM Modi’s arrival not only boosted Indians morale but even several Pakistanis found something positive for them.

It all started from PM’s Independence Day speech on August 2016. The suppressed voice of Baloch activists found something to cheer. Immediately Pakistan was exposed in global platform.

But a video has emerged in which a Pakistani man says that the Muslim population of Pakistan were once Hindus. He also says that this is what has saved them from the Middle East Conflicts. Since decades Pakistan was trying to claim that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan but now what can it say when its citizens claim to be Hindus?

We have seen that Pakistani citizens are fed up of its government. But Pakistani media was successful in projecting that Pakistanis hate Indians. But now they are seeking Modi’s help to come out of the terrorism hub.

Like this Journalist, several Pakistanis have asked Modi’s help saying that even they are Hindus. A long suppressed truth is slowly emerging and Pakistan has nothing to say about this.

Day is not far away when several Muslim nations will claim that their ancestors were Hindus. This will completely expose the true colour of the Muslim invaders-who are presently given the status of hero in our text books-who forcefully converted Hindus.

The Muslim man in the below video claims that his ancestors were Hindus and Muslims

Nishika Ram