A Pakistani National asked Sushma Swaraj for help, her reply will make every “Indian beam with pride”

Pakistan may be a rogue, terror sponsoring nation, but India has always shown its humanitarian side with the terror nation. We have beaten them in every war, yet we are the ones that never provoke first. Almost every day we get to hear that Pakistan has made ceasefire violations. The ICJ case of Kulbhushan Jadhav’s execution was another example, when the World called out Pakistan’s lie.

PM Modi even invited the Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif for his swearing-in ceremony in May,2014. Sharif being a professional backstabber, showed his true colors after returning to Pakistan. External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj is active on social media. She is always ready to help any Indian citizen stuck abroad.

She was responsible for bringing back Indian national Uzma who was forced to marry a Pakistani at gunpoint. The MEA received a usual request but from an unusual place. Ken Sid a Pakistani national reached out to Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to get his son treated in India. The Paksitani national requested for a medical visa to india, as his son has a heart complication that could not be treated in Pakistan.

The Pakistani national, Ken Sid did not tag MEA Sushma Swaraj in his tweet, but the compassionate people from India started spreading the word. The tweet soon reached the Indian External Affairs minister.

MEA Sushma Swaraj replied to Ken Sid & tweeted

Another incredible gesture from our External Affairs Minister.

The Pakistani national, Ken Sid also expressed his gratitude

This has definitely won the hearts of all Indians. But, Pakistan being the nation it is may soon get back to the ‘short term memory loss’ mode.

MEA Sushma Swaraj and all the Indians who made the tweet reach her, deserve all the appreciation for saving an innocent. Human life is beyond comprehension.

We never forget our roots and as Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar puts it in one of his blockbusters – “Dushman ko bhi roti Khilaun.”

Alok Shetty