Pakistan’s Film Industry in a State of Bankruptcy After Banning Indian Movies!

After heinous Uri attack, the sentiments towards Pakistan had terribly gone negative in India. It has not only impacted the political and economic relations between the countries, but also the cultural relations.

There are many Pakistani origin artistes working in Bollywood. None of them dared to criticism Pakistan’s timid act and stand by India which has been very generous towards them and has given a good earning, name and fame. However, they were tight lipped.

This enraged some of the political parties and other social groups which resulted in a campaign to ban Pakistani artistes in India. This got both support as well as resistance from the film industry. Some artistes (actors, directors, producers) said that it was not fair to punish the artistes for the act of army. However people were not convinced.

As a response for these developments in India, Pakistani film community also took similar steps such as, not screening bollywood movies in Pakistani soil. World saw this as a tough protest and solidarity shown from Pakistani people with their army and the government.

However, now they have found out that, Indian movies are important for sustenance of the industry. Recently, Pakistan Film Exhibitors Association and cinema owners have announced that they are going to end the self-imposed “temporary suspension” on screening of Indian films from Monday, 19 December.

Zoraiz Lashari, Chairman of the All Pakistan Film Exhibitors Association, said “We wanted to show unity with our [artists’] community. Initially, we’d planned for a 15-day suspension, but then it was extended,” Mr. Lashari said. “Now, the message has been registered, that everyone here and there [in India] should operate gracefully and it’s high time that we resume [screenings].”

According to All Pakistan Film Exhibitors Association, more than 60% of the revenues are earned in Pakistan through bollywood movies. Since the suspension continued for around three months from the previously planned 15 days, the revenue loss was so heavy that it forced more than 1,700 employees to go unemployed.  It was also found that Pakistani productions and English-language films couldn’t fill the revenue gap.

This shows that Pakistan will die if India is not there! The cultural connect with Pakistan is so strong that, we share similar heritage and culture. It is for the political government, army and ISI to understand that Pakistan cannot live without India and a good relation with India is a must.

Akshara Damle

You can reach the author on Twitter @aksharadamle