Pakistan’s government official Radio channel published Arundhati Roy’s statement on 70 Lakh Army!

Today the anti National lobby has been completely exposed. Since past 3 days the Nationalist web portals were literally targeted by every anti National and main stream media house saying that we propagated a FAKE news on Arundhati Roy.

The media houses claimed Arundhati Roy never said ” 70 Lakh Indian army cannot stop Kashmiirs”  and it was  a fake news circulated by right wing portals to malign Arundhati Roy which later triggered Paresh rawal to tweet against her.

But now we are providing proof that this was not just a FAKE news as claimed by the pseudo liberals and pseudo journalists of India, but the statement was published in the official Pakistan government’s Radio channel.

Here is the proof!

This is the MOST CREDIBLE information of the Government of Pakistan which is handled by the government of Pakistan and Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (also known as Radio Pakistan). The wikipedia also sites the same source about the official website of Pakistan’s Radio channel. This is just as credible as ANI or Press Trust of India.

The image shows that the statement of Arundhati Roy was published on May 16th of 2017, which was later picked up by every other websites and GEO TV of Pakistan and quoted the same.

According to Pakistan government, the exact words Arundhati Roy was “India cannot achieve its objective in the occupied valley even if its army deployment raises from 7 lakh to 70 lakh.”

So the news what every Nationalist websites like Postcard, SatyaVijayi, The Indian Voice, The Resurgent Indian, Revolt Press, Virat Hindu Rashtra, etc got was from official Pakistan website.

But the shameless anti Nationals maligned us on the main stream media saying PM Modi and BJP gave training to their supporters to spread fake news. The wire, Indiatoday and every other media house conducted camapign against Nationalists. An article was published on the Time Of India news paper which called us fake website, there by maligning our name on a public platform. For those people who questioned us to provide proof, should first provide proof on what basis did they say Arundhati Roy never made the statement?

So did the Pakistan’s official radio website publish without any basis or hint? NO government will go an extent of publishing news related to other country without basis.

The Times of India journalist wrote a mail to Postcard asking for our source, but even before we replied to them, they declared that Postcard never gave answers to their questions!

Newslaundry, too, has come up with another article. When Ms. Madhu Trehan’s reporter contacted SatyaVijayi for source of the news, they informed that there was a documentary evidence from an official source. But Newslaundry very conveniently cut it out, perhaps because the agenda was to discredit “right wing” websites.

Now that we have given the MOST CREDIBLE source of the news, we demand Thewire, IndiToday, newslaundry and NDTV to show their proof which made them call us FAKE!

We are aware of the fact that many Indian journalists, media houses and political parties have contacts in Pakistan and they have the capacity to bring down the article by their influence. This is why we have provided the screen shot and the date of publication. We do not want media houses to provide fake phone calls, videos and statement from horses mouth as proof.

We demand an open public Apology from every website, new channel for calling us fake and SIC!!!

Credit: Satyavijayi

Team Postcard



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