Pakistan’s ISI has found a new tactic to spy on India and its really alarming!

What new ways can Pakistan think off spying at India? Have you been doubting on Pakistan’s intelligence quotient? No more doubts remained… the ultimate butcher nation has proved it can get down to any limits to spy on us. Nothing can change them and no values can make them feel guilty. Or rather you need to be a human first to realize you’re wrong. Don’t you?

The Punjab police claim to have busted a Pakistan-backed espionage ring operating through Facebook with the arrest of a 34-year-old soft drink factory salesman, Ravi Kumar. A man, who was allegedly working as a spy for Pakistani intelligence agencies, was arrested in Amritsar by the State Special Operations Cell (SSOC) and Military Intelligence, the Punjab police said.

On the basis of specific information, a team of SSOC led by Inspector Gurinderpal Singh arrested Ravi Kumar from the Chatiwind police station area in Amritsar district. Photographs of vital installations, hand-made maps of restricted areas, photocopies of restricted training manuals of the Army and information regarding Army attack formations were recovered from him, according to a Punjab police.

He has been booked under the provisions of the Official Secrets Act, and Section 120-B of the IPC. The preliminary questioning of Kumar revealed that he was recruited by an official of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) through Facebook about seven months ago.

He gave them information with regard to the movement of “Army units, construction of new bunkers on the Indian side of the border, photographs of Army vehicles and their formation signs, exercises and trainings and activity/construction”, the release read.

Kumar’s ISI handlers sponsored his visit to Dubai from 20 -24 February where he was briefed regarding tasks, the Punjab police said. Investigations have revealed that Kumar was in regular touch with Pakistani intelligence officers through mobile phones and Internet and was provided funds routed through Dubai.

The release read: “It has also come to light that Pakistan-based agencies operate a large number of fake Facebook accounts in the name of young girls who actively try to befriend with unemployed young people and retired/serving officials in the armed force and subsequently try to allure them into espionage activities.”

Investigations are being conducted to identify and track such fake accounts. Defence establishments are also being appraised regarding this new threat for necessary action at their end, it said.

The SSOC of the counter-intelligence wing arrested Kumar, a resident of Dhaleke village in Moga, near Manawala village, 10km from Amritsar, on Thursday morning. “The accused is a Pakistani spy. Preliminary questioning has revealed that an official of ISI had recruited him through Facebook seven months ago,” a press note from SSOC said.

It added, “Police have recovered photographs of vital installations and movement of army vehicles and hand-made maps of restricted areas from him. He was providing information to the ISI on the movement of army units, construction of new bunkers on the Indian side of the border and photographs of army vehicles along with their formation signs etc.” Inspector Gurinderpal Singh from Chatiwind police station, Amritsar, had led the team that carried the arrest.

‘Spy was briefed in Dubai in February’

The official note said investigation had shown that Kumar was in regular touch with Pakistani ISI officers over mobile phone and internet. “Money was transferred to his account after routing it though Dubai. ISI handlers had even sponsored his visit to Dubai from February 20-24 this year. There, he was briefed on his spying assignment,” the police added.

Kumar has been booked under sections 4, 5 and 9 of the Official Secrets Act and 120-B (criminal conspiracy) of the IPC at the SSOC police station, Amritsar.




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