Pakistan’s Sinister plan to trap India backfires heavily! Pakistan gets exposed and insulted in front of the world in Kashmir issue

By hooking on to a week old report, Pakistan had yesterday said “The isolation of India in the international community is complete”. The country that manufactures terrorists also stated “The skeletons in Indian closet are growing in numbers and size. Right-wing governments end up paying a high price”.

There are a reason for Pakistan’s joy. The first-ever UN Human Rights ‘report’ on Kashmir which was a 49-page report was released a week ago, titled,

“Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Kashmir: Developments in the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir from June 2016 to April 2018, and General Human Rights Concerns in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan”.

The report had stated that there was violation of human rights both in Kashmir and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, and it demanded an international inquiry.

But India’s Ministry of External Affairs had slammed this false report stating “The report violates India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The entire state of Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. Pakistan is in illegal and forcible occupation of a part of the Indian state through aggression”.

Later on it was even revealed that UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein had links with radical separatists and a ISI-backed lobby, namely Faiz Naqushbandi of the All Party Hurriyat Conference in Pakistan, Sardar Amjad Yousaf, Altaf Hussain and Ghulam Hassan.

So the report that was intended to tarnish India’s image globally, got punctured then and there itself.

Not just the report but even Pakistan had to face humiliation in from of the whole world!

The rogue nation Pakistan was celebrating after the report was released. But its happiness didn’t last long as India stripped Pakistan naked in front of the whole world.

Yes, not just India but even Indonesia, the country that has highest number of Muslim population slammed the first ever report of UN on Kashmir.

There was a General debate on the overall update of the High Commissioner on the situation of Human Rights worldwide and on the activities of his office’ at the Human Rights Council, the Kashmir report was discussed. In this debate, the report authored by Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein on Kashmir was slammed and rejected by six nations.

Here’s the list of countries that slammed the report that showed India in a bad light!

  • The nations were Bhutan and Afghanistan from Asia, one from Africa (Mauritius), one from Eurasia (Belarus), and two from Latin America (Cuba, Venezuela).

Here comes the hilarious thing! Pakistan dumped and insulted

Pakistan didn’t stop its monkey tricks there as it went on to attack India. Yes, Pakistan’s permanent representative to UN in Geneva, Farukh Amil, urged the UN to establish a commission of inquiry in Jammu and Kashmir and said “The OHCHR report on Jammu & Kashmir also points to a grave situation in Indian Administered Kashmir and needs appropriate follow up by this council”.

The response given by Bhutan on OHCHR report was like a tight slap to Pakistan and the creator of the malicious report. Bhutan’s representative Kinga Singye slammed the report stating “My delegation would like to refer to the report issued by the High Commissioner on the situation of human rights in Kashmir. Given the complex historical background, political issues involved which the report has acknowledged; the report is not going to be helpful to the situation that is fuelled by terrorism among others”.

Prior to getting slammed in front of rest of the world, Pakistan was stating “The dissociation of India from reality is alarming. Indian attempts to exploit and cash in on the international environment by labelling the legitimate Kashmiris struggle terrorism makes a mockery of the victims of actual terrorism and is reprehensible”.

But the now the report has been literally thrown at the dustbin and all are backing India. The world’s biggest democratic nation has strengthened itself with strong diplomatic ties. Now the only option left to Pakistan is to stop conspiring against India, or else it would end up totally isolated

Source:India Today

Hansika Raj


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