Pakistan’s UN gaffe!!! Pakistanis slam their Diplomats for a huge embarrassment at United Nations

Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations,Maleeha Lodhi committed a goof up of her lifetime at the international stage on Saturday when she used a picture from Gaza to show “Indian atrocities in Kashmir”.

Maleeha Lodhi was responding to Indian External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj’s speech, where she called Pakistan a “pre-eminent export factory for terror”. Obviously the accusation was too strong and it was assumed that Pakistan would retort strongly. However, the photo Lodhi displayed at the UN as a proof of “Indian violence in Jammu and Kashmir” was of 17-year-old Rawya Abu Jom, who was injured when two Israeli airstrikes hit her family’s apartment in Gaza during the 2014 war.

This was undoubtedly one of the biggest blunder committed by Pakistani Envoy at a global stage like United Nations. Once this information was out, people started slamming the Pakistani Envoy and Government and started accusing them of using a pious platform for spreading their fake propaganda.

The media in Pakistan, which had earlier reacted sharply to Swaraj’s speech, hailed Lodhi’s response as befitting. Though sensing a big blunder committed by Pakistani Envoy, the Pakistani dailies focused extensively on Maleeha Lodhi’s remarks, especially her allegations that India was the mother of terrorism in South Asia, and try to completely ignore the goof up which brought a bad name for Pakistan at International level.

However on social media, many Pakistanis came down heavily on their Permanent Envoy at UN and called out their envoy for the embarrassing gaffe, saying it undermined the seriousness of her response.

Here Naila Inayat slammed UN Envoy Lodhi and literally exposed her fake propaganda against India.

There were few Pakistanis who slammed Maleeha Lodhi for weakening the Kashmir cause at United Nations and few were so agitated that they were asking for her resignation.

Few Pakistanis were so furious that they demanded Pakistani Diplomats to do their homework properly before representing Nation at Global Level.

However there were few desperate souls whopointed out that though the photo was from Gaza, it did not negate the fact that “India used pellet guns against Kashmiri protestors”.

There is also a growing depression seen in the Pakistani Media, where few Media channels have started projecting that Indian government was so smart and suave in putting their concerns forthrightly, and there is a growing sentiment that India might take a leading lead over Pakistan on Kashmir Issue. As Indian Government has been able to convey their message to the World Audience, that Pakistan is an unofficial Factory of Terrorism which is affecting the Region and the entire World. The tone of Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj was so intense that it will be a hot topic of debate for many weeks.

Manish Sharma