Paradigm Shift in Governance Through a “Layman’s” Lens.

What are the three aspects of rule of law…..

  1. Good, Clean governance…So far, not even a peon of ModiGovt has been accused, prosecuted or convicted of corruption.
  2. Tinge of spirituality..The ability of the powers to empathise and make efforts to reach out to people. A facilitation of unleashing of goodness of citizens, like the Give It Up campaign, whereby the Govt has merely played a facilitator and a catalyst to change.
  3. Citizen Connect. The undeniable efforts to constantly connect with the masses, let it be social media, NaMo App and Mann Ki Baat.

In fact, it’s a new first to Crowd Source the Independence Day Speech, constant engagement of the citizen and even the constant reach out to the opposition.

In fact, the opposition in hindi is Vipaksh, and not Prati-Paksh.

The opposition plays the role of other side of the coin, not necessarily an opponent each and every time.

That is what Shri Narendra Modi Government means to me as a common citizen, that is what SabkaSaath, SabkaVikaas stands for…In its true essence and dignity.

Dr Shoba Shrivastava