Parashuram Kund! A place of divine presence

Parashuram- the 6th avatara of Shri Vishnu. He took birth on earth as 5th son of Rishi Jamadagni and Sati Renuka devi. At that time, the Kshatriya’s driven by their power, valour and ego began troubling common people. To a put stop to their atrocities, vishnu took avatara as Parashuram.

Renuka devi, when pregnant with Parashuram, had prasada which was offered to Rudra deva and Vishnu, hence he was born with qualities of both of them.

Parshuram Kund is a Hindu pilgrimage centre situated on the Brahmaputra plateau in the lower reaches of the Lohit River and 21 km north of Tezu in Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh. Dedicated to sage Parshuram, the popular site attracts pilgrims from Nepal, from across India, and from nearby states of Manipur and Assam. Over 70,000 devotees and sadhus take a holy dip in its water each year on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, in the month of January.

It is one of the Parashuram kshetras.

The region of Konkan is considered as another  Parashurama Kshetra.

The ancient Saptakonkana is a slightly larger region described in the Sahyadrikhanda which refers to it as Parashuramakshetra (Sanskrit for “the area of Parashurama”) ,Vapi to Tapi is an area of South Gujarat, India. The area blessed by Lord Parshuram and called “Parshuram ni bhoomi”.

History of Parashuram Kund:

There are two stories prevailing in the folklore, Rishi Jamadagni had a cow named Surabhi, who would grant all the wishes. When Karthaveeryarjuna, a kshatriya king with hundred arms, attacked Rishi Jamadagni in absence of parashurama, took away Surabhi by killing Rishi Jamadagni, Parashurama waged war against the Kshatriyas, and destroyed them.

Being a Brahmana, he involved in killing of men, to do Prayashchitta for this deed, Parashurama sought advice of many Rishis, who suggested him to take a dip in river Lohitha. The kund where he took holy dip and washed away all his sins came to known as ‘Parashurama Kund’.

Acc. To Kalika purana, Another story goes like this,

Renuka devi used to bring water from the river daily for pooja. One day she lost track of time watching gandharvas who were passing by. When she arrived late at the ashrama, Rishi Jamadagni, who is known for his anger, ordered his sons to behead Renuka devi. Four of the sons refused and they turned into stone. When parashurama’s turn came, he took out his axe(which was given by Shiva, after a long penance), and beheaded his mother. Impressed Jamadagni granted a boon, and parashurama requested to bring back his mother and brothers. Thus renuka devi came back to life.

But the axe got stuck to parashuram as hands due to Mathru hathya dosha. For Prayashchitta, he took a dip in Lohitha river. As soon  his hands touched the water, axe got separated, washing away all of his sins.

Miraculous reforming of the kund:

The site of the Parashuram Kund as was in existence until the 1950 Assam earthquake that shook the whole of the North-East and the kund was completely covered. A very strong current is now flowing over the original site of the kund but massive boulders have in a mysterious way embedded themselves in a circular formation in the river bed thus forming another kund in place of the old.

This place is a scenic spectacular. And the divine presence is experienced by many sadhus who trek to the kund and stay their for dhyana.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth