Paresh Rawal rips apart award wapsi gang on silence over the murder of cop in Jammu Kashmir!

DSP Mohammed Ayub Pandith was lynched by a mob outside the Jamia Masjid in Nowhatta, Kashmir. Even though he was plain-clothed, he was on duty. Before stoning him to death, the rowdy mob stripped him of his clothes. This incident has enraged nationalists, while the pseudo-secularists are mum.

It is being said that Ayub Pandith was on duty to protect separatist leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq who was inside the mosque at the time of the lynching. This has caused many people and a section of the media to come down heavily on Mirwaiz, while DGP Jammu and Kashmir Police has said that Mirwaiz’s role in the lynching will be probed.

Mirwaiz had recently celebrated Pakistan’s victory against India in the Champions Trophy Final as well. Paresh Rawal took to Twitter to thrash Mirwaiz. He wrote –

After this, Paresh Rawal went on to question the award wapsi gang and liberals over their silence on the lynching. He wrote –

Nobody can forget how the award wapsi gang came out in numbers to oppose the killing of Akhlaq over the supposed beef incident. But that was simply fake outrage. That was done to target Prime Minister Modi as he has stomped down on the unjust privileges given to these people by the Congress party.

But today they’re quiet because the murderers are Muslims, and they can’t speak out against them; just like they were quiet when Prashanth Poojary was murdered for protecting cows.

Paresh Rawal sent out another tweet –

Paresh Rawal has proven to be one of those rare celebs who has the guts to call a spade a spade. Yes, he is also a BJP MP, but not every actor who’s a politician has the guts or integrity to speak out against what’s wrong. Most don’t want a controversy because that may hamper their image. But Paresh Rawal doesn’t care about that. Irrespective of his political affiliation, he is a nationalist at heart.

Vinayak Jain