One simple secret kept guarded by Mohammed Ali Jinnah could have prevented the partition of India and Pakistan!

The history of India has its own set of dimensions. Not to mention, its own set of perceptions as well. However, there is one part of Indian history that the world has not got over yet, even after seventy long years of its occurrence. The India – Pakistan divide that happened in 1946 – 47 was the biggest phenomenon of its kind in the world, and the event is discussed, analysed and debated even today.

The greatest of astonishing factors about the Indo-Pak division remains to be the man who caused the great divide – Mohammed Ali Jinnah. This political figure has been amongst the most intriguing of names in world history, and also surely one of the most controversial. The history of his existence is in itself a grand old tale that laid the foundation for his unsorted personality. However, regardless of what he was on a personal level, it cannot be denied that Mohammed Ali Jinnah was an extremely influential political figure to have caused the division of the great Indian empire, against all opposition.

There are ample evidences that state that the divide happened prominently because of the power lust of the Congress and Nehru. However, Mohammed Ali Jinnah played a role during the Second World War by leading the Muslim League which passed the Lahore Resolution and demanded for a separate state for Muslims. The league eventually caused the partition despite all oppositions, and of course, with some undocumented aid from the Congress as well. However, there remains an untold fact that there was a little secret that Mohammed Ali Jinnah kept extremely well guarded. Should that secret have been exposed, not only would the thousands that lost their lives at the Congress massacre be saved, but also the partition would have been prevented.

And the secret was as simple as Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s condition of tuberculosis. In the book ‘Freedom at Midnight’, Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre state that Jinnah kept his secret well guarded to prevent himself from being restricted to a sanatorium. Patients of tuberculosis would be placed under monitored conditions at the time to prevent the spread of the disease – owing to the limited knowledge of its cure. However, Mohammed Ali Jinnah kept it hidden from the world that he was a victim of the disease, and carried out his plan with perfection.

It takes more than just ambition to survive a condition like Jinnah did. The man was so determined to split the country that he not only hid the fact of his illness from the world, but also urged Lord Mountbatten to speed up the process. He was sure that, should his Hindu counterparts come to know that he has only about two years more to live, they would surely slow down the process until he passes away. That way, the entire partition process could have been prevented. But predicting the threat, Jinnah chose to keep his illness a well guarded secret. Even though the man knew that he had only two years left to live, he did not give up on his evil plan and faced all atrocities successfully in making it happen.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah became the first Governor General of Pakistan once it obtained independence. And, he passed away within 11 months of the formation of Pakistan as an independent country. Although, his death was a phenomenon uglier than he might have anticipated it to be. He died on his way to the hospital in a broken down ambulance, with no help from anyone. In the midst of heat and traffic, Jinnah died in a condition where there were flies and stink around him, more like an orphaned man than the Governor General of Pakistan.

Well, it is equally true that the Congress was as impatient as Mohammed Ali Jinnah – but for power. They too, including Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru, lured the British government to acknowledge the Lahore petition and make way for the establishment of Pakistan as an independent country. This information is stated in the book ‘The Story of Indian Independence and the creation of Pakistan in 1947’ by Barney White – Spunner. This book has been credited to be the most detailed report of the Indian independence struggle and the formation of Pakistan.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who had a background in a vegetarian Gujarati family turned out to be a hardcore Sunni Muslim, and the creator of Pakistan. Although, a simple secret about his health and predicted lifespan would have prevented the entire phenomenon of the Indo – Pak partition. It is surprising how little things have mattered much in the making of Indian history, and yet we cannot acknowledge the facts that have been!

Source: timesofindia.com

Trisha Jay