Patidar agitation, foreign funds, Hindu division, anti-incumbency and still how did BJP win Gujarat elections?

Guess this was most toughest fight in the history of Gujarat elections. At around 9.30 AM, most of the lutyens media, Congress and its supporters started declaring the results and said Congress won the elections. But it was not until 10 AM, these people had to eat their own words, when BJP started to re bounce back and finally set another historic win in Gujarat.

The campaign against BJP in Gujarat did not start in 2017, but it started in October 2015 with Patidar agitation and fake dalit attacks. This agitation which drew crores of people into the ground was not a random movement but a well planned and well orchestrated movement organised by the anti Modi gang. The main sponsor for this agitation was none other than Congress and foreign organisation which poured in huge amount of money. Hardhik Patel was no individual candidate, but a set up by Congress.

Patidar Agitation:

Congress very well knew unlike other states Gaujarat cannot be snatched away from BJP.  PM Modi has shown unparallel development that no other leader had ever shown and no one can deny that. So they understood the only way to defeat BJP was to divide the Patidars who are the backbone of BJP.  This is exactly why Hardhik Patel was brought into picture and main objective of Patidar agitation was to divide Patidars in the name of reservation. The media gave Congress massive support in making Hardhik Patel hero overnight.

But it was in 2017, the Hardhik Patel agitation hit a road block when the real agenda of Congress and Hardhik was exposed. Slowly people started to drift away and pledged their support to BJP.

HIndu Division:

This was another main factor the Congress played. How many of you knew Jignesh Mehavani or Alpesh Thakor before Gujarat elections? What contribution have they given to the society, what development have they done to their people? the answer is nothing! But still how did they become popular faces overnight?

Practically is it so easy to become heroes in Politics overnight without performance or money or support?! Absolutely impossible!

These people were propped up by Congress to divide Hindus. Alpesh Thakor belongs to Thakor community while Jignesh Mehvani belongs to dalit community, so it was a ploy to cut the votes of dalit and Thakor to BJP. They pretended to be independent candidates while they got all support from Congress. Jignesh even got huge amount of money from pro Pakistan gang Arundhati Roy, the same lady who called for Azadi of Kashmir and said Indian army cannot stop Azadi movement.

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Anti Incumbency was another factor which was haunting BJP. BJP hasn’t ruled Gujarat for 1-2 years but for a massive 22 years. So the fatigue and anti incumbency is very natural for the people. Another factor was demonetization and GST. The GST had given a major blow to diamond merchants of Surat which is the iron fort of BJP.

But despite such problems and GST impact, the people of Surat have voted for BJP. This shows although the traders were hit, they believe that GST was for good and PM Modi will take corrective measures.

So, with the massive galvanization of anti Modi gang and anti incumbency, if PM Modi-Shah have won Gujarat it is nothing more than shear hard work of the duo and the trust of the Gujarati people on PM Modi. They have always stood by Modi at the toughest times and PM Modi has equally reciprocated his love towards them through development which can never be ignored. BJP has even won majority seats in Godhra, the epi centre of Gujarat riots in 2002.

Rahul Gandhi playing pseudo Hindutva card showed how desperate he wanted to win Gujarat. But nothing seems to have worked for the Congress. The trio of Hardhik, Jignesh and Alpesh has failed miserably and the caste politics has made no major difference. It was only the plan of Ahmad Patel and all the anti Modi clad starting from left, liberals, Azadi gang and Pro Pakistan league which got them few extra seats and not Rahul Gandhi’s speeches!

This is exactly why they say Gujaratis cannot be fooled!

Aishwarya S