Pay no tax and get subsidy!!! Hajj Commitee wants Rs 25,000 crore to buy aircrafts for annual Mecca visit

Not satisfied with current funds,the Maharastra State Haj Committeeis dreaming for aircraft for pilgrims! The committee has sought a one – time fund of Rs.25, 000 crore from the union government to buy a new aircraft for the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, located in Saudi Arabia.

In 2012, The supreme court gave a judgement directing the government to gradually reduce and then completely phase out the subsidy given to Haj pilgrims within a period of ten years. To counter the judgement, the committee again demanded for an Aircraft.

Height of “The Greed”

Ibrahim Gulam Nabi Shaikh, chairman of the committee had said while addressing the committee that “the Central Government has halved the subsidy amount to Rs.200 crore this year. The government had initially promised to give a subsidy of Rs308 crore.”

Adding to it, he said, “A fund of Rs.25000 crore should be given to a Haj committee of India, a statutory body of the union ministry of minority affairs. The fund would be used to purchase two to three aircraft exclusively for Haj pilgrimage and operated and maintained by the apex committee. The financial burden on lower income Muslims will increase substantially after the removal of subsidy by the year 2022. If the committee gets its own planes, it would save cost on chartered flights to mecca.”

He also said that, “this year, the cost of pilgrimage to Mecca is Rs.2.04 lakh and Rs.2.37 lakh per head for category 2ndtravelers.

According to him, “If the subsidy is removed, then the pilgrimage cost will increase by almost Rs.1.5 lakh per person. Even in the current scenario, the entire benefit of subsidy is not passed on to the common man, because the amount is given directly to Air India which absorbs most of it. More than 10,000 Muslims from Maharashtra will leave for Mecca between August 10 and 12.” He said.

Is this fair?

The fact is, before they ask for the thousand crores for their pilgrimage, they should have thought about the Taxes they never paid from the Mosque. Most of 80% temples in India are under the authority of government and nothing goes to temple. But, still Hindu is not getting subsidies for an Annual Pilgrimage.

No mosque is paying taxes to government and the government might have no guts to ask them to pay taxes. But, they could easily grab assets and alms of Hindu Temples.

Further, Churches are also of the same case. They don’t pay! But, their Jerusalem Pilgrimage gets a subsidy than Hindus.

What kind of Laws are these?

They don’t pay, they don’t donate! Most every Mosque is funding for terrorism and that’s how, they are getting strong platform. But, Hindus are paying taxes for every religious ritual and still, Hindus do not get enough subsidy.

Grabbing Food From Someone’s plate and feeding others is not a good thing. When they are able to cook, they should cook their own food.”

Why government is neutral in this case? Assets taken from temple given to build mosques! Alms grabbed from Temples, given to pilgrimage and as a compensation fund when they died. But, why not for Hindus?

If they want to have facilities, why don’t they pay for it? If they need fundings for pilgrimage, why don’t they pay taxes? Are mosques empty? If they need funds for their lives, why don’t they pay for it?

And, poor Hindus must pay for them.

And, this is how we are funding for terrorism in a partial way!