People who are standing with Jinnah today, are the same people who stood with terrorist like Afzal Guru!!!

Who is behind propagating this “Jinnah Controversy” ? These protests are pre-planned just like JNU as an example. Whoever wants Azaadi are requested to leave the country rather than creating violence. Leave from Hindustan and get Azaadi free of cost in Pakistan. Mohammed Ali Jinnah was the prime culprit of Partition of India. We must oppose his glorification as our Fundamental Duty requiring us to uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India.

Its shameful to see how students are protesting for Jinnah who was a Butcher. Once again there are Azaadi and Anti-Indian sloganeering in AMU, now we know who is behind this protest?

Jinnah was by all means a butcher. Jinnah was concerned that Muslims would not get adequate representation in India as they were a minority therefore their interests would not be represented at the legislative level. He had a pure intention of building up a Islamic country. Talking regarding the present flaming Jinnah Controversy, BJP’s official spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi has portrayed his opinion regarding the outraging issue.

People who are standing with Jinnah today, are the same people who stood with terrorist like Afzal Guru. It is unfortunate that certain people are standing by the side of a person (Muhammad Ali Jinnah) who was responsible for the division of this country: Sudhanshu Trivedi, BJP

Now we know why Congress supports Muslims and Muslims Support Congress in return. Both hate National Anthem and both follow same philosophy and ideologies. “Bharat ki Barbadi” So time for us to reject Congress for the first time and every time without giving a second thought.

The recent events in AMU are unfortunate and saddening. In the name of the entire institution, some communal minded elements are supporting and glorifying Jinnah and thus creating tension in the university.India and Indians demand immediate removal of Jinnah’s portrait from AMU and appeal to the students of AMU not to fall in the communal and political trap being created by some people with vested interests.

Indian Muslims of AMU harm themselves, First by disrespect President & Now by defending Jinnah portrait. And Owaisi wants law to punish those who call Indian Muslims ‘Pakistani’ with 3-year jail. But here AMU itself preaching Jinnah. Now, Owaisi should tell whom to punish first?

Hindus lost their land, assets, lives and they are left with no country for themselves. Millions of our Hindus women were raped, their breaststroke cut and fed to dogs, thousands of Hindus were slain and their bodies sent to India as gift from Pakistan. It is important to note that Muslim League had contested the 1945 and 1946 elections on one point agenda that was “CREATION OF PAKISTAN”, unfortunately Muslims of even the Hindu majority provinces like Bombay, UP, Bihar, etc voted heavily in favour of League.

Historically, AMU was the birthplace of Pakistan movement. It is where Syed Ahmed and other Islamists propagated two nation theory. AMU is the place where Communist Party of India supported Muslim League and propagated 22 different states instead of One India.

How the hell on earth can one classify the second largest Muslim population on earth as minorities ? It can happen only in India. If there is one country where minority has its writ over majority it is only in India.