Perplexed!!! New twist in Indo-China border dispute; Tibetan flag hoisted in Ladakh

When the clash between India and China is increasing day by day, there is another drama happening in the Indo-China border. The head of the Tibetan government in exile, Lobsang Sangay has hoisted the Tibetan national flag on the shores of Pang Gong Lake in Ladakh. The lake is situated at more than 14,000 feet which border’s Tibet, lies between India and China, with the Line of Actual Control (LAC) passing through it.

Sonam Norbu Dagpo of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) said that this is the first time Tibetan national flag is unfurled near the lake. He also said any authority’s permission is not required to hoist the Tibetan national flag.

He further added that “half the lake is in India and half in Tibet” and said that it holds political and personal significance. It was also the first time when the CTA President had visited Ladakh.

Dalai Lama’s birthday was on July 6 and the Ladakhi community invited Sangay to join them in the celebration. So he travelled to Ladakh. Sangay had a brief audience with the Dalai Lama before leaving for the lake on the morning of July 5.

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The grains which were blessed by Dalai Lama was poured into the lake by Sangay and it is believed that these grains will reach Tibet and bless Tibetans inside Tibet as well.

Is this a trick played by Modi Government?

The situation in Doklam is very tense as the Chinese were stopped from constructing roads in the region. Initially the Tibetan soldiers opposed it and later Indian Army accompanied them. But China said that India has illegally occupied its land. It went on to issue guidelines to all its citizens who are in India to stay alert. But India is very calculative in its move.

The situation escalated even more when China cancelled its President’s talk with PM Modi in the G20 summit. But later they were seen talking for few minutes in the summit but the details of the talk was undisclosed.

It is said that the flag was hoisted by Sangay on the Indian soil and this is a political activity. However Indian authorities have not given out any statements regarding this act by Sangay.

But few say that it is done with Indian authorities backing. This act may create some uneasiness to the dragons.

China has indirectly opposed India in many recent developments. It didn’t consider Hafiz Saeed as a terrorist and even it created obstacles in India’s bid to obtain NSG membership.

Unlike the previous government, NDA had taken certain aggressive steps relating to North-Eastern states. China had regularly opposed various moves of NDA government.

Even in the swearing-in ceremony of PM Modi, Sangoy was invited. This suggested that Modi has a special plan to the Tibet issue. Soon after this, China had protested against Modi’s move.

When some say that this is an important weapon against China, few others say that Tibetan may try to take advantage of the conflict between India and China. Others claimed this as a betrayal by Dalai Lama by hoisting the Tibetan flag because he had to follow certain conditions if he wanted to live in India; he could have hoisted their religious flag instead of Tibetan flag.

Source: http://standforindia.com/india-china-dispute/

Nishika Ram