Pervez Musharraf makes a shocking statement! He says he’s a big supporter of…………….

The mind behind the Kargil War has made a stunning confession. Pakistan’s military dictator Pervez Musharraf said in an interview that he is the ‘biggest supporter’ of banned terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba. He went on to say that LeT too likes him. The LeT is banned in Pakistan.

Musharraf said in an interview to Ary TV that he appreciates terrorist Hafiz Saeed’s involvement in Kashmir. This shows that Musharraf has always been a supporter of terrorists which was also evident when he infiltrated terrorists to begin the Kargil War.

To quote Musharraf: “I am the biggest supporter of LeT and I know they like me and JuD (Jamaat-ud-Dawa) also likes me.”

Hafiz Saeed is a UN-designated terrorist. He even has a $10 million bounty on his head placed by the US. Musharraf had also claimed that Saeed was not involved in the Mumbai terror attack in 2008. Musharraf himself is no respectable person. He was declared a fugitive from justice by Pakistan in August this year.

Musharraf said: “We had banned LeT because the situation was different at that time. We were moving towards peace and as such I thought we should reduce ‘mujahids’ (religious warrior) and increase political dialogue and frankly I had very less knowledge about him.”

Musharraf exposed not only his hatred for India but also how he’s always been an advocate of terrorism as a method to hurt India. He said, “I was always in favour of action in Kashmir and of suppressing the Indian Army in Kashmir and they (LeT) are the biggest force. India got them declared as terrorists by partnering with US.”

Musharraf then went on to say something that surprised even the interviewer. He said, “Yes I am liberal and moderate…these are my thoughts but that doesn’t mean I am against all religious leaders.”

These statements show that the Pakistani military establishment has always been supporting terrorists to create havoc in Kashmir. They’ve categorically denied supporting terrorism. They say they fight terrorism but they selectively support some terror groups while act against those which threaten Pakistan.

The US is finally seeming to recognize this.Richard Haass, president of the prestigious think tank Council on Foreign Relations, tweeted that Pakistan has‘harboured terrorists for years and provides sanctuary to the Taliban’ and others, including Saeed.

There is now a rising chorus in America can that Pakistan’s status of being a major non-NATO ally should be rescinded as even despite President Trump’s hard stand Pakistan is not changing its path.

Vinayak Jain


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