Phir Bhi Dil Hai Pakistani…!!!

Many of us are quite familiar with Malabar Gold and Diamonds Jewelleries, many would have bought jewels from there. But most of them would be less familiar with their Pakistani love.

Why suddenly this question?

The reason is, Malabar Gold and Diamond which is basically an Indian based company owned by a Kerala based businessman MP Ahmad did not care enough to celebrate Indian Independence Day but celebrated Pakistan Independence Day with Pride. Since 9th August Malabar jewelleries have been publishing ads on their Facebook page urging people to Participate in “Pakistan Independence Day quiz”. It is shocking that we have so many Pakistani sympathizers within India itself. The Malabar company officials have also proudly displayed Pakistani flag and cake cutting pictures while celebrating Pakistan Independence Day.

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The bizarre argument Malabar company has given is they operate outside India and want harmony between the Nations. Did Malabar also celebrate Independence Day of Malaysia? Singapore? Philippines? Where they claim to operate??? But they seem to have special love for just Pakistan…ANY REASON??

How many of you have seen Pakistan based companies celebrating Indian Independence Day, cutting cake and giving gifts?? Probably they would not have been alive to give explanation like Malabar.

You may have diplomatic relations with any country in terms business but to support a country which is been constantly raging war against India and killing our people is just UNACCEPTABLE! Pakistan is not just any country but a country which is openly endorsing terrorism and using it as a weapon to fight against us. If they have so much love towards Pakistan then probably they should shift their base to Pakistan and enjoy harmony with the people they love.

Following the backlash after Pakistani ads, the company was on back foot giving reasons that they were unaware of the advertisement in the FB page. They really must be fools if they think people will buy their argument. Giving business reason is mere eye wash while the real reason is their sympathy towards Pakistan.

The bottom line is “Respect the country you are in, or be in a country you respect”.

Next time we think of buying something from such companies, think twice as we never know where the MONEY IS GOING & WHO ARE THEY FUNDING!!!

Aishwarya S