Pistols, bombs seized in Kasganj, media will never tell the real truth behind the violence!

The Kasganj violence is one of the most scary incident which happened on the Republic Day. All these years, we would have heard communal clashed during religious festivals, but this time the criminals have gone a step further and attacked people who were celebrating Republic Day. Never in the history had we heard violence for celebrating Republic Day after India got Independence.

Chandan Gupta, member of ABPV along with his ABVP cadre had taken out Tiranga Yatra in Hulka locality of Kasganj in Uttar Pradesh when they were attacked by a mob of violent stone pelters. Hulka locality is a Muslim dominated area which is very well known for communal violence and anti National activities. As the Tiranga Yatra passed the streets of Hulka, Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Vande Mataram chants were being chanted by the ABVP members which is quite natural.

But the violent mob suddenly attacked the crowd with stones and sharp objects causing grievous injury to many. Chandan Gupta and his friend Rahul Upadhya were seriously hurt in the clash. The police looked completely helpless as the mob were not only equipped with sharp objects but also pistols and guns. Yes, this is the most shocking part. The mob shot few ABVP activists and the police with pistols in which many were injured and Chandan Gupta and Rahul Ypadhya sustained bullet injuries. Many police personals were also injured who were shifted to hospital. But Chandan was not able to recover form the attack and were declared dead.


The entire situation turned violent and the criminal mob went on rampage in the entire city of Kasganj burning public property, buses and vehicles and chanting Pakistan Zindabad slogans. The police arrested more than 100 people belonging to minority community who were involved in killing Chandan and causing violence.

The investigation revealed shocking details that attack was not random but a orchestrated attack on the ABVP activists after they got the information about Tiranag Yatra. Within minutes after Tiranga Yatra reached the Hulka locality, mob of more than 200 -300 people have said to have gathered with stones, ammunition to attack the yatris. The police arrested a man called Wasim in connection with Chandan’s murder, but shockingly they found huge amount of country made bombs and pistol in his house. The police also recovered many equipment used to make bombs and large quantity of gun powder. A hotel nearby was also seized after the police recovered bombs which were apparently used during the violence.

So, who exactly are these people and how and where are they getting these BOMBS and PISTOLS from???

According to internal sources, these people who attacked ABVP activists are not just random people, but are members of many radical Islamic groups. These people have a wide network and have hundreds of working members who gather within no time during any violence. This is exactly why huge mob gathered during Tiranga yatra within minutes attacking the crowd. These people are said to be funded by many radical Islamic groups and separatists who are training these people to raise voice against India. Shockingly, they are trained to make country bombs, use pistols and weapons in unknown locations in the many parts of Uttar Pradesh. It is said the local mosques and madrassas are being used to store many illegal possessed weapons and ammunition and are supporting these radical elements indirectly.

But the police are unable to control these elements as they have gained huge political support from so called secular parties and have infiltrated into the system in every field. Top level sources which spoke to Postcard said that many of these radical group members have taken government jobs in both state and central and are indirectly providing cover to such radical elements. They have wide connections through out India and many of its leaders have common link in violence in the country.

The state and central government will have to form a special team to curb such criminals who are spreading rapidly through out the country. It is impossible for the police to control their growth unless they are given full powers and protection. Their main agenda is to attack the core ideology of India and radicalize youths in the name of Islam and religion. So, it is important for the government not to neglect such issues thinking its restricted to a particular area or group.

Aishwarya S






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